Can you archive a highlight on Instagram?

Answered by James Kissner

I can give you a detailed answer to your question about archiving a highlight on Instagram.

So, let’s dive in! Instagram now offers two options for saving your stories: Highlights and Archive. Highlights allow you to save your stories in a folder-like format that displays on your Instagram profile. On the other hand, Archive automatically saves all your Instagram stories, which you can later use to create highlights from your saved stories.

Personally, I find the Archive feature quite handy as it eliminates the need to manually save each story. It’s like having a backup of all your stories without any extra effort. Whenever I post a story, it automatically gets saved in my archive, ready to be accessed whenever I need it.

To create a highlight, you can select stories from your archive and add them to a designated highlight folder. This way, they won’t disappear after 24 hours like regular stories do. Highlights are a great way to showcase your best moments or important updates on your profile.

Now, let’s talk about archiving a highlight. Unfortunately, Instagram does not provide a direct option to archive a highlight. However, you can achieve a similar effect by saving the stories within a highlight to your archive. Once the stories are in your archive, you can always create a new highlight from them if you wish.

I’ve personally found this workaround quite useful. For instance, if I have a highlight that I no longer want to display on my profile but still want to keep for future reference, I simply remove the highlight from my profile and save the stories to my archive. This way, the stories are safely stored in my archive while not being visible on my profile.

While Instagram doesn’t offer a direct option to archive a highlight, you can achieve a similar result by saving the stories within a highlight to your archive. This allows you to keep your stories for future use without cluttering your profile with unnecessary highlights.

I hope this detailed explanation helps you understand how to archive a highlight on Instagram. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask!