Can you AirPlay to Roku?

Answered by Jarrod Smith

You can AirPlay to Roku devices, but it requires a workaround. Roku devices do not have native support for AirPlay like Apple TV does. However, there are third-party apps available that allow you to use AirPlay with your Roku.

One such app is AirBeamTV. It is available for download from the Roku Channel Store. Once installed on your Roku device, you can use AirBeamTV to cast content from your iOS device to your Roku.

To use AirBeamTV, make sure your iOS device and Roku are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Open the app on your iOS device and select the Roku device you want to AirPlay to. You can then choose the type of media you want to cast, such as photos, videos, or music.

It’s worth noting that AirBeamTV is a paid app, and there may be other similar apps available as well. You can explore the Roku Channel Store or search online for other AirPlay-compatible apps for Roku.

Another option is to use a third-party streaming device that supports both AirPlay and Roku. For example, some smart TVs have built-in AirPlay support, allowing you to directly cast content from your iOS device without the need for additional apps or workarounds. In this case, you can simply select the AirPlay option on your iOS device and choose the compatible smart TV as the destination.

If you don’t have a smart TV with AirPlay support, you can consider getting an Apple TV device. Apple TV natively supports AirPlay, and you can easily cast content from your iOS device to your Apple TV, which can then be connected to your Roku device. This setup allows you to use AirPlay with Roku indirectly.

While Roku devices don’t have built-in AirPlay support, you can still AirPlay to Roku by using third-party apps like AirBeamTV or by connecting an Apple TV to your Roku setup.