Can you adjust fifth wheel hitch height?

Answered by Randy McIntyre

You can adjust the height of your fifth wheel hitch. The ability to adjust the hitch height is important because it allows you to properly align your trailer with your truck and achieve the desired level of clearance between the truck bed and the underside of the fifth wheel hangover.

To adjust the height of your fifth wheel hitch, you will need to refer to your owner’s manual. The manual should provide specific instructions for your particular hitch model. It is essential to follow these instructions to ensure proper installation and safe towing.

Typically, the recommended hitch height for your specific fifth wheel model will be stated in the owner’s manual. This recommended height is determined based on factors such as trailer clearance, level towing, and overall stability. It is important to adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations to maintain safe towing conditions.

To adjust the hitch height, you may need to make use of adjustable mounting brackets or rails. These brackets or rails allow you to raise or lower the hitch to the desired height. The specific adjustment mechanism may vary depending on the hitch design, so it is crucial to refer to the owner’s manual for accurate instructions.

Before making any adjustments, ensure that your truck and trailer are parked on level ground. This will help you achieve accurate measurements and ensure proper alignment. It is also recommended to disconnect the trailer from the truck during the adjustment process for safety purposes.

Once you have determined the desired hitch height, follow the step-by-step instructions provided in the owner’s manual to make the necessary adjustments. This may involve loosening bolts, raising or lowering the hitch, and then tightening the bolts to secure the new height.

While adjusting the hitch height, it is essential to maintain a minimum of six inches of clearance between the truck bed rails and the underside of the fifth wheel hangover. This clearance allows for safe and smooth towing, preventing any potential contact or damage between the trailer and the truck.

After adjusting the hitch height, it is crucial to double-check all connections and ensure that everything is secure before towing. This includes verifying that the hitch is properly locked into place and that safety chains and electrical connections are properly attached.

It is worth noting that if you frequently tow different trailers with varying heights, you may need to make adjustments each time you switch trailers. This is because different trailer models may have different clearance requirements and hitch heights.

Adjusting the height of your fifth wheel hitch is a straightforward process when following the instructions provided in your owner’s manual. By properly aligning your trailer and truck and maintaining the recommended clearance, you can ensure safe and efficient towing experiences.