Can the host still see you on Zoom when your camera is off?

Answered by Antonio Sutton

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When you turn off your camera on Zoom, the host or other participants in the meeting will not be able to see you. Zoom allows users to disable their video feed while still participating in the meeting through audio or chat.

When your camera is off, your profile picture or initials may appear in place of your video feed. However, it’s important to note that Zoom has different settings and versions, so the exact appearance may vary.

While the host cannot see you when your camera is turned off, they can still see your name or display name in the participant list, as well as any actions you take in the meeting, such as joining or leaving. Additionally, depending on the meeting settings, the host may have access to certain controls, such as muting or unmuting participants, even if their cameras are off.

It’s worth mentioning that privacy and control settings can be adjusted by the host in Zoom. Some hosts may have the ability to request or require participants to turn on their cameras during a meeting, but this would be an intentional setting chosen by the host.

Zoom prioritizes user privacy and allows participants to have control over their video and audio settings. If you do not wish to be seen during a Zoom meeting, you can simply turn off your camera. Rest assured that the host will not be able to see you unless you explicitly grant them remote control of your camera, which is a separate feature and requires your consent.

The host cannot see you on Zoom when your camera is turned off, as long as they do not have remote control permissions for your camera. Zoom provides users with options to maintain their privacy and control their own video settings during meetings.