Can raccoons get around a squirrel baffle?

Answered by Willie Powers

Can raccoons get around a squirrel baffle? This is a common question that many bird enthusiasts and feeder owners have asked. The short answer is yes, raccoons can often outsmart and maneuver their way around squirrel baffles, as they are much larger and more determined than squirrels.

Squirrel baffles are designed to deter squirrels from climbing up a feeder pole and accessing the bird feeders. They typically consist of a cone-shaped or dome-shaped guard made of metal or plastic. While these baffles are effective in preventing squirrels from reaching the feeders, they may not be sufficient to stop raccoons.

Raccoons are larger, stronger, and more resourceful than squirrels. They are known for their ability to solve problems and navigate obstacles. If a raccoon is determined to reach the bird feeders, it can often find a way around a squirrel baffle. This could involve climbing up nearby trees or structures to bypass the baffle or using their dexterous paws to manipulate and move the baffle out of the way.

To truly deter raccoons and prevent them from accessing bird feeders, a steel raccoon baffle is needed. These baffles are specifically designed to be large enough to prevent raccoons from reaching over or “hugging” their way over it. Typically, a steel raccoon baffle is about 10 inches in diameter and around 2 feet tall. This size makes it nearly impossible for raccoons to climb over or maneuver around.

I have personally experienced the frustration of dealing with raccoons at my bird feeders. Despite having squirrel baffles in place, the crafty critters would still manage to find their way to the feeders. It wasn’t until I invested in a steel raccoon baffle that I finally achieved success in keeping them at bay.

The steel raccoon baffle I purchased was easy to install. I simply attached it to the feeder pole using the included hardware. The baffle’s large size and sturdy construction provided a formidable barrier that raccoons couldn’t overcome. Since installing the raccoon baffle, I have not had any further issues with raccoons accessing my bird feeders.

While squirrel baffles are effective in deterring squirrels, they may not be sufficient to prevent raccoons from accessing bird feeders. To truly keep raccoons at bay, a steel raccoon baffle is the best solution. These baffles are larger and more robust, making it nearly impossible for raccoons to outsmart or maneuver around them. By investing in a steel raccoon baffle, you can enjoy your bird feeders without the pesky interference of raccoons.