Can people see my hidden Reddit post?

Answered by Douglas Hiatt

I can definitely provide a detailed answer to your question: “Can people see my hidden Reddit post?”

When you hide a post on Reddit, it’s important to understand that hiding it only affects your own view of the post. It does not hide the post from other users on the platform. In other words, while you may no longer see the post on your feed or in the subreddit where it was posted, other users can still see and interact with it.

This distinction is crucial because hiding a post is a personal preference that allows you to remove content from your own view without impacting others. It can be a useful feature if you want to declutter your feed or temporarily remove a post that you no longer wish to see.

However, it’s important to remember that Reddit is a public platform, and the visibility of your posts is determined by the subreddit’s settings and the actions of other users. If you hide a post, it doesn’t mean that it disappears entirely from the subreddit or the internet.

If someone has previously interacted with your hidden post, such as upvoting, commenting, or saving it, they will still be able to access it through their own activity history or by directly visiting the post’s URL. Additionally, if your post gains significant attention or engagement before you hide it, it may have been seen by a large number of users who could remember or refer back to it.

Moreover, moderators of a subreddit can still see and access hidden posts. They have the authority to manage the content within their subreddit, so hiding a post from your own view doesn’t override their ability to see and moderate it.

Hiding a post on Reddit only affects your personal view of the post and does not hide it from other users, including those who have previously interacted with it or the subreddit’s moderators. It’s important to consider the public nature of the platform when sharing content and to understand that once something is posted, it can still be seen by others even if you choose to hide it from your own view.

I hope this detailed explanation clarifies the visibility of hidden Reddit posts for you. If you have any more questions or need further clarification, feel free to ask.