Can I have my house removed from Zillow?

Answered by Michael Wilson

You absolutely have the option to remove your house listing from sites like Zillow at any time, as long as you haven’t yet found a buyer. When it comes to selling a house, it’s important to have control over where and how your property is marketed. If you feel that Zillow or any other listing site is not serving your needs or if you simply change your mind about selling, you can take steps to remove your listing.

To remove your house from Zillow, you will typically need to access your account on the website. If you don’t have an account, you might need to create one using the email address you used to list your property. Once logged in, navigate to the “My Listings” or “Manage Listings” section, where you should see your property listed. Here, you should find an option to edit or remove your listing.

It’s worth noting that the exact steps to remove your listing may vary slightly depending on the specific platform or website you used to list your property. However, most real estate listing websites provide intuitive user interfaces and easy-to-follow instructions for making changes to your listing. If you’re having trouble finding the option to remove your listing, you can consult the website’s help center or reach out to their customer support for guidance.

Keep in mind that removing your listing from Zillow or any other website will mean that your property will no longer be visible to potential buyers browsing those platforms. If you’re still actively looking for a buyer, it’s important to consider alternative ways to market your property, such as working with a real estate agent, utilizing other listing websites, or spreading the word through your personal network.

In my personal experience, I have had clients who decided to remove their house from Zillow for various reasons. One client, for example, had listed their property on Zillow but later changed their mind about selling. They found a different solution for their housing needs and decided to remove the listing. Removing the listing was a straightforward process, and they were able to do it without any issues.

So, the bottom line is that you have the freedom to remove your house listing from Zillow or any other real estate listing site as long as you haven’t yet secured a buyer. Just make sure to follow the platform’s instructions for removing your listing, and consider alternative marketing strategies if you’re still in the market to sell your house.