Can I charge my phone and Mophie at the same time?

Answered by Tom Adger

You can definitely charge your phone and Mophie at the same time. The Mophie is designed to act as a portable charger for your iPhone, providing it with additional battery power when needed. It essentially acts as an external battery pack for your phone.

To charge both your phone and the Mophie simultaneously, you will need to connect the Mophie to a power source using a charging cable, just like you would do with your iPhone. The Mophie itself should have a charging port, usually a micro USB or a USB-C port, depending on the model you have. You can plug one end of the cable into the Mophie and the other end into a power source, such as a wall adapter or a USB port on your laptop.

Once the Mophie is plugged into a power source, you can connect your iPhone to the Mophie using your regular iPhone charging cable. The Mophie will start charging your iPhone automatically. This way, both your iPhone and the Mophie will be charging simultaneously.

It’s worth noting that while charging both devices at the same time, the charging speed may be slightly slower compared to charging your iPhone alone. This is because the power from the source is being divided between the two devices. However, it is still an efficient way to ensure that both your phone and the Mophie have enough battery power when you need them.

Another advantage of using the Mophie while charging is that you can still access and use your iPhone while it is connected to the Mophie. You can make calls, send messages, browse the internet, or use any other app just like you normally would. The Mophie acts as a power source, but it doesn’t restrict your ability to use your iPhone.

In addition to charging, the Mophie also allows you to sync and transfer data between your iPhone and your computer. So, if you need to download photos, videos, or any other files from your iPhone to your computer, you can do so while the iPhone is connected to the Mophie. This adds convenience and flexibility to your charging and data transfer needs.

To summarize, you can charge both your phone and the Mophie at the same time by connecting the Mophie to a power source and then connecting your iPhone to the Mophie. This allows you to charge your iPhone while also providing extra battery power through the Mophie. You can still use your iPhone and transfer data while it is connected to the Mophie. It’s a convenient solution for keeping your devices charged and ready to use on the go.