Can foxes jump fences?

Answered by Robert Flynn

Foxes are indeed capable of jumping fences. They possess impressive jumping abilities and can easily clear a standard 900 mm fence. This agility is due to their natural physical adaptations, which enable them to navigate various terrains and escape from predators.

When it comes to preventing foxes from accessing certain areas, many designs aim to make fences higher than the fox’s jumping capabilities. Doubling the height of the fence to 1800 mm is a common approach. This can be achieved by using additional netting or incorporating various spacings of electric wires.

Some fence designs utilize netting that extends beyond the top of the fence, making it harder for foxes to find a foothold and gain the necessary leverage to jump over. This extra height acts as a deterrent and helps to prevent foxes from accessing protected areas.

Another method used to increase the height of a fence involves the strategic placement of electric wires. By spacing the wires appropriately, it becomes difficult for foxes to find a safe landing spot on top of the fence, discouraging them from attempting to jump over.

It should be noted that while foxes are generally skilled jumpers, their ability to clear fences may vary depending on the individual and the specific circumstances. Factors such as the fox’s size, age, health, and motivation to access a certain area can all influence their jumping capabilities.

In my personal experience, I have witnessed instances where foxes have successfully jumped over fences despite the height being increased. It is important to consider the intelligence and adaptability of these creatures when designing a fence to deter them effectively.

Foxes possess the ability to jump fences, but by incorporating additional height through various methods such as netting or electric wires, it is possible to create barriers that make it more challenging for them to clear. However, it is important to note that no fence design can guarantee absolute prevention, as foxes are resourceful animals that can adapt to different situations.