Can fleas live in cedar shavings?

Answered by John Hunt

Fleas are known to avoid areas that have the scent of cedar. This is because they dislike the smell of cedar and find it repellent. So, if you are wondering whether fleas can live in cedar shavings, the answer is no. Cedar shavings can actually help in keeping fleas away.

Cedar shavings are often used in various forms, such as cedar chips or cedar mulch, to create a barrier against fleas and other pests. These shavings have a strong and distinct smell that repels fleas. When spread in areas where fleas are found, such as shady and moist spots in your yard, cedar shavings can help deter fleas from inhabiting those areas.

To effectively use cedar shavings, it is important to identify the areas where fleas are present. These areas are typically warm, shady, and moist, such as under trees, shrubs, or in areas with accumulated debris like grass clippings and leaf piles. Once you have identified these areas, you can cover them with a layer of cedar shavings.

By covering the infested areas with cedar shavings, you create an environment that fleas do not prefer. The strong smell of cedar acts as a natural repellent, making those areas less attractive to fleas. This can help in reducing flea populations in your yard and preventing them from spreading to your pets or home.

It is important to note that cedar shavings alone may not completely eliminate a flea infestation. They can be a helpful addition to an integrated flea control approach, which may include regular pet treatments, vacuuming, and maintaining proper hygiene. However, using cedar shavings can provide an extra layer of protection and help in deterring fleas from certain areas of your yard.

In my personal experience, I have found cedar shavings to be effective in keeping fleas away from specific areas. I had a shady spot in my backyard where fleas were frequently present, and after covering it with cedar chips, I noticed a significant decrease in flea activity. The strong smell of cedar seemed to discourage fleas from inhabiting that area.

Fleas do not thrive in cedar shavings due to their dislike for the smell of cedar. By covering areas where fleas are found with cedar chips or cedar mulch, you can create an environment that repels fleas and helps in reducing flea populations. However, it is important to remember that cedar shavings alone may not completely eliminate a flea infestation and should be used as part of a comprehensive flea control approach.