Can fake AirPods update firmware?

Answered by James Kissner

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Fake AirPods, also known as counterfeit AirPods, are unauthorized replicas that are designed to resemble Apple’s original AirPods. These replicas are typically produced by third-party manufacturers and often sold at a much lower price compared to the genuine product.

One key difference between genuine AirPods and fake AirPods is that only genuine AirPods can be updated with firmware updates released by Apple. Firmware updates are important as they can enhance the performance, fix bugs, and add new features to the AirPods.

Apple releases firmware updates for its AirPods periodically, and these updates can be installed through the iPhone or iPad connected to the AirPods. However, fake AirPods are generally not supported by Apple’s firmware update process. This means that if you have fake AirPods, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to update their firmware.

Fake AirPods are manufactured independently from Apple, and the third-party manufacturers do not have access to Apple’s proprietary technology or software. As a result, they cannot replicate the firmware update process or provide the necessary infrastructure for updating the firmware.

It is worth noting that fake AirPods may have limited functionality compared to genuine AirPods. They may lack some features, have poorer sound quality, or suffer from connectivity issues. These limitations further reinforce the fact that firmware updates are not possible on counterfeit AirPods.

If you suspect that your AirPods might be fake and you’re unable to update their firmware, it is recommended to contact Apple support for assistance. They can help you verify the authenticity of your AirPods and provide guidance on how to proceed.

Fake AirPods are unlikely to receive firmware updates from Apple. Genuine AirPods, on the other hand, can be updated with firmware releases to improve their performance. If you’re unsure about the authenticity of your AirPods and are experiencing difficulties updating them, reaching out to Apple support is the best course of action.