Can anyone play The Villages golf courses?

Answered by John Hunt

Anyone can play The Villages golf courses, but there are certain fees and conditions that apply. The Villages is a retirement community in Florida that offers a wide range of amenities, including numerous golf courses. While the courses are primarily designed for residents, they are also open to guests and non-residents.

One important factor to consider is the green fee. This is the cost that guests and non-residents must pay in order to play on the golf courses. The green fees vary seasonally, so it’s important to check the current rates before making a reservation. These fees help cover the maintenance and upkeep of the courses, ensuring that they are in top condition for all players.

In addition to the green fee, guests playing on the Executive golf courses are also required to pay a trail fee. This fee is separate from the green fee and is charged to guests who are using a golf cart. However, if you are walking the course, you will not be required to pay the trail fee. This is an additional fee that the community charges to cover the cost of maintaining the golf cart trails.

It’s worth noting that the trail fee applies to guests regardless of whether the sponsoring resident has paid a trail fee or not. This means that even if you are playing with a resident who has already paid their trail fee, you will still be required to pay the fee as a guest. This policy ensures that all players are contributing to the maintenance of the golf cart trails, regardless of their residency status.

While there are fees associated with playing The Villages golf courses as a guest or non-resident, they are in place to help maintain the high standards of the courses. The community takes great pride in its golf facilities and strives to provide an enjoyable experience for all players.

As a personal anecdote, I have had the opportunity to play on The Villages golf courses as a guest of a resident. The process of making a reservation and paying the fees was straightforward and the staff at the golf course were friendly and accommodating. The course itself was well-maintained and offered a challenging yet enjoyable round of golf. I would highly recommend The Villages golf courses to anyone looking for a great golfing experience in Florida.