Can an elder start a Clan war?

Answered by Phillip Nicastro

In the game Clash of Clans, the role of an Elder in a Clan is to assist with managing and maintaining the Clan. While Elders do have certain privileges and responsibilities, starting a Clan war is not one of them. Only Co-Leaders and Leaders have the ability to initiate a Clan war.

Elders in a Clan have the power to invite new members, accept join requests, and participate in Clan discussions. They also have the authority to kick out members, but they cannot kick out Elders or Co-Leaders. This limitation is in place to prevent any abuse of power or manipulation within the Clan.

The decision to start a Clan war is typically made by the Co-Leaders and the Leader. They are the ones who strategize, plan, and communicate with members about participating in Clan wars. This ensures that the Clan war is organized and well-coordinated.

While Elders cannot start a Clan war, they play a crucial role in supporting and participating in Clan wars. They can donate troops, provide advice, and actively engage in the war activities. Their contributions are valuable in helping the Clan achieve victory.

It is important to note that Clan dynamics and rules may vary from Clan to Clan. Some Clans may have different systems in place where Elders have more privileges or responsibilities. However, in the default settings of Clash of Clans, Elders do not have the ability to initiate a Clan war.

In my personal experience, I have been an Elder in multiple Clans and have always seen the responsibility of starting a Clan war lie with the Co-Leaders and the Leader. This division of power ensures that decisions regarding Clan wars are made by trusted individuals who have a deeper understanding of the Clan’s goals and strategies.

To summarize, while Elders have important roles within a Clan, starting a Clan war is not one of their privileges. This responsibility lies with the Co-Leaders and Leader who are responsible for strategizing and coordinating Clan wars.