Blue Parrot Headset Pairing FAQ

Are you looking for a reliable headset to use with your smartphone? Look no further than the Blue Parrot headset! This headset is designed to deliver crystal clear sound with maximum comfort. Plus, it’s easy to pair with any Bluetooth-enabled device.

To get started, press and hold the Multi-function button on the headset until you hear “Pair Mode” announced in the headset and the light flashes blue. The headset will be visible for pairing to devices for 120 seconds. Next, turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone and then select your headset from the list of available devices. If asked for a pin code, enter “0000”.

The Blue Parrot headset features an ergonomic design that ensures maximum comfort during extended use. Its adjustable headband fits snugly over your head and its soft earcups provide a comfortable fit around your ears. The built-in microphone allows you to take calls hands-free during conversations or when listening to music or podcasts. It also has volume control buttons that allow you to adjust the sound levels easily without taking off the headset.

This versatile headset can be used not only with smartphones but also with many other Bluetooth enabled devices such as tablets, laptops, PCs, and gaming consoles. Whether you’re listening to music or playing video games, you’ll experience superior sound quality every time thanks to its superior noise cancelling technology which reduces background noise so that you can focus solely on what’s important – enjoying your music or game!

The Blue Parrot Headset is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a reliable device that offers superior sound quality without breaking the bank! With its simple pairing process and adjustable design, this versatile headset provides a great solution for all of your audio needs.

How Do I Pair My Blue Parrot Headset?

To pair your Blue Parrot headset, press and hold the Multi-function button until you hear “Pair Mode” announced in the headset and the light flashes blue. Your headset will be visible for pairing to devices for 120 seconds. Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone and then select your headset from the list. Enter “0000” if you are asked for a pin code.

blue parrot headset pairing

Why Can’t I Pair My BlueParrott Headset?

There are several reasons why you may not be able to pair your BlueParrott headset with your Android smartphone. One possibility is that the Bluetooth cache on your phone needs to be cleared. To clear the Bluetooth cache, follow these steps:

1. Open the Settings app on your Android phone.
2. Scroll down and select Bluetooth.
3. Tap the Menu icon (three vertical dots) in the top-right corner of the Bluetooth screen.
4. Select Advanced from the menu.
5. Scroll down and select Clear Bluetooth Cache.
6. Tap OK to confirm.

How Do You Pair A Blue Parrot 450?

To pair a BlueParrott B450-XT headset with your smartphone, you will need to have the latest BlueParrott app installed. The app is available for free from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

blue parrot headset pairing

Once you have the app installed, open it and go to the Settings menu. Under the heading “BlueParrott Headsets”, select “Pair New Headset”. The app will now search for any available BlueParrott headsets.

When the headset is found, press the BlueParrott Button™ or press and hold the Volume Up button. After the voice prompt, say “pair mode”. The headset is now in pairing mode. Go to the Bluetooth menu on your smartphone and select the BlueParrott B450-XT from the list of available devices.

BlueParrott B350-XT Bluetooth Pairing

How Do You Pair A Blue Parrot 550?

To pair a Blue Parrot 550, you must first power off the headset. Next, hold down the MFB button until the light rapidly flashes blue and you hear the audio prompt “power on.” Keep holding the MFB button for approximately 10 seconds until you hear “Pair Mode.” The headset will be visible for pairing to devices for 120 seconds.

What Is The Difference Between Blue Parrot 350 And 450?

The Blue Parrot 350 and 450 are both Bluetooth headsets that allow you to communicate hands-free. The 350 has a shorter range of 66 feet, while the 450 has a longer range of 300 feet. The 350 also has a lower dB rating of 104, while the 450 has a higher dB rating of 156. The 350 does not have voice control, while the 450 does.

blue parrot headset pairing

How Do You Reset A Blue Parrot 450?

To reset a Blue Parrot 450, hold the headset near your ear and press and hold the Parrott Button and the Volume Down buttons together for approximately 6-10 seconds untl you see two quick purple flashes on the MFB. The headset Parrott Button is reset and the pairing memory is now clear.

How Do I Pair My Blue Parrot B250xt?

To pair your BlueParrott B250-XT, put your cell phone in Bluetooth Search/Scan Mode per the manufacturer’s instructions. Select “BlueParrott B250-XT USB” to pair. (Passcode is “0000” if needed.) When connected, you will hear a single tone and the indicator light will be flashing blue.

Why Is My Blue Parrot Headset Flashing Red?

The flashing red light on a blue parrot headset usually indicates that the device is in pairing mode. If you don’t have pairing enabled on your phone, it can’t find it. ( on the iPhone it is under settings, then choose bluetooth settings to put the phone into a discovery mode ). You mght call the 800-742-8588 Blue Parrott number if still can’t get it to pair up.

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