Choose The Best Healer Class for ESO and Become Unstoppable!

One of the most important aspects of playing The Elder Scrolls Online is choosing the right healer class. Healers are essential for keeping your team alive and helping them succeed in PvE encounters, so it’s important to choose the right one. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve put together a guide to the best healer classes in The Elder Scrolls Online.

The Paladin: This is arguably the best healer class in ESO. Paladins are capable of healing both themselves and their allies, making them invaluable in any group setting. They also have access to powerful buffs such as Major Protection and Minor Mending that increase your party’s resilience. Paladins also have access to great utility skills such as Bolstering Barrier and Purge, which can be used to help your team survive tough encounters.

The Shaman: Shamans are an excellent choice for healers who want to mix thigs up a bit. Rather than relying on traditional healing spells, Shamans have access to powerful nature-based abilities that can be used to heal their allies or damage enemies. They can also summon totems that provide powerful buffs such as Major Vitality and Minor Protection, making them just as valuable in PvE content as they are in PvP content.

The Druid: Druids are a great choice for players who prefer a more hands-on approach when it comes to healing their allies. Druids have access to powerful healing spells such as Grand Healing and Regenerate which can be used to quickly restore health and stamina bars. They also have access to great utility skills such as Nature’s Grasp which can be used to slow down enemies or increase your party’s movement speed.

The Priest: Priests are the ultimate support class in ESO and are perfect for players who prefer a more defensive playstyle when it comes to healing their allies. Priests have access to powerful shields and wards that can be used to protect themselves or their allies from damage, while also having great utility skills such as Extricate which can be used to quickly revive fallen allies or escape dangerous situations.

The Monk: Monks are similar to Priests but with a few key differences that make them perfect for players who prefer a more offensive playstyle when it comes to healing teir allies. Monks have access to powerful buffs such as Major Courage and Minor Slayer which increase their damage output significantly, while still having great defensive abilities like Bubble Shield which can be used protect themselves or their allies from harm.

No matter what kind of healer you prefer, there is sure somehing for everyone among these five classes! All five classes offer unique benefits that can help you succeed in any PvE content!

Which Class is the Best Healer: A Comparison of Healing Classes

The best healer in World of Warcraft is a Paladin. Paladins are able to provide powerful healing support with their mix of protective and offensive spells. They have access to Holy Light, which can heal a large amount of damage, as well as oher heals such as Flash of Light and Holy Shock that can be used quickly in battle. They also have access to powerful buffs such as Blessing of Kings and Devotion Aura, which can help their allies stay alive in the thick of battle. Paladins are also capable of tanking and dealing damage if necessary, making them a very versatile class for healers. Shaman are also great healers, capable of healing large amounts of damage with spells like Chain Heal and Healing Wave. They have access to several buffs such as Water Shield and Windfury Weapon that increase the effectiveness of their heals. Druids are another excellent healer class, capable of reaching a large number of targets with spells like Rejuvenation and Wild Growth. They also have some powerful defensive abilities like Barkskin and Survival Instincts that make them difficult to kill in battle. Priests are great at single-target healing with spells like Greater Heal, but they do lack some versatility compared to the other classes when it comes to healing multiple targets or providing defensive buffs. Monks are the weakest healers out of these five classes, but they do have some unique abilities such as Detox and Revival that can be useful in certain situations.

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Can Classes in ESO Heal?

Yes, any class in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) can heal. Every character has access to a variety of healing abilities, such as Restoration Staff and its Light and Heavy Attacks, as well as supportive abilities like the ones found in the Restoration Staff skill line. Furthermore, all classes can choose to equip skills from the othr class skill lines which can also provide healing and group utility. For example, a Dragon Knight could equip a Restoration Staff and use both their own healing abilities from their class tree and additional ones from the Restoration Staff skill line. Therefore, any class is able to heal in ESO if they so choose.

Soloing as a Healer in ESO

Yes, you can solo as a healer in ESO. Healing abilities are the mainstay of any healer’s skillset, and thee are powerful enough to keep you alive and healthy in most solo situations. However, many healers also have access to supplementary damage-dealing abilities that can be used to bolster their defensive capabilities when soloing. A skilled healer can use these supplemental skills to great effect and make for an incredibly resilient solo build.

The Best Healer Gear in ESO

The Elder Scrolls Online offers a variety of gear sets that can be used by healers in PvE. The best gear set for healers is Stone-Talker’s Oath, which provides bonuses to maximum Magicka, Magicka recovery, and healing done. This set also grants access to a powerful ultimate ability, allowing players to restore a large amount of health to all allies within range. The Healing Mage set is also an excellent choice for healers, providing bonuses to healing done and maximum Magicka. Hircine’s Veneer is another good option for PvE healers, offering bonuses to healing done and Stamina recovery. Pillager’s Profit is a great set for those loking for more offense-oriented bonuses such as increased weapon damage and weapon critical rating. Spell Power Cure is an ideal set for those seeking to increase their overall healing output as it provides bonuses to both maximum Magicka and healing done. Worm’s Raiment grants additional resources regeneration while Sanctuary provides bonus physical resistance when the wearer takes damage. Finally, Hollowfang Thirst is an ideal set for those who wish to increase their single-target burst healing potential by providing bonus critical ratings when casting spells on low-health targets.

The Best Healing Character: Who Is It?

The best healing character depends on the situation, as each character has unique strengths and weaknesses. Diona is a great choice for large-scale heals, able to quickly heal multiple characters at once with her wide area-of-effect attacks. Bennett is capable of both healing and damage dealing, making him an ideal choice for hybrid teams. Barbara excels at single target heals, while also providig an additional shield to protect allies. Sayu’s regeneration effect makes her a good choice for sustained healing, while Kokomi’s fast casting time allows her to quickly heal in emergency situations. Qiqi is a powerful healer who can provide extra protection to allies with her shield, while Jean can revive fallen allies in addition to his healing abilities. Finally, Noelle provides powerful single target heals and can also reduce incoming damage with her bubble shield.

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Which Healer Has The Highest DPS?

The Sage class has the highest DPS of all the healers. This is due to their unique ability to combine healing and damage dealing, allowing them to output a high amount of sustained damage while also providing healing to allies. The Sage’s main damage-dealing tool is Force Wave, which deals AoE damage and can be used at range. They also have access to othr powerful abilities such as Forcequake, which hits multiple targets with high burst damage, and Force Armor, which gives allies bonus defense and increases the Sage’s own attack power. With these tools at their disposal, a skilled Sage can easily outpace the other healers in terms of overall DPS.

Is Healing More Challenging Than DPS?

The answer to the question of whether healing is harder than DPS depends on a variety of factors. Generally, DPS has less pressure in almost all content, since mistakes made by DPS players are less likely to be noticed unless the content is especally challenging and hitting enrage timers is a real problem. On the other hand, healing often requires more knowledge and attention to detail than DPS does, as healers must constantly be aware of their party’s health levels and make quick decisions to keep their party alive. As such, it can be argued that healing requires more skill and experience than DPS does. Ultimately, the difficulty of either role will vary depending on the player’s experience level, how well they understand their role, and how well they work with their party.

Comparing the Difficulty of Healing and Tanking

Healing in raids is definitely more challenging than tanking. As a tank, you have a limited number of responsibilities and need to focus on keeping the enemies’ attention on yourself and managing your own health. As a healer, you have to keep track of everyone’s health and proactively top off their health pools before they take too much damage. Additionally, healers tend to be the frst role to get cut when raid groups are struggling with DPS, making it difficult to hide behind the team’s success or failure. This requires healers to be extra vigilant and prepared for any situation that may arise. Ultimately, healing takes more skill, preparation, and practice than tanking does.

The Benefits of Playing a Dragonknight Healer

The ESO Dragonknight Healer is a great choice for any content in the game. With powerful buffs and debuffs, it can be an excellent healer for your team. It has access to a variety of different healing abilities such as Blessing of Protection, Combat Prayer, and Restoration Staff. In addition, it also povides strong defensive capabilities and crowd control options which make it an ideal choice for any group composition. All in all, the Dragonknight Healer is a strong healer that can adapt to many different situations and provide great support to your team.

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Comparing Bastian and Mirri’s Healing Abilities

The decision of which healer is better for a given situation coes down to the specific needs of the group and individual players. Bastian is a very reliable tank who can help any party survive some of the most difficult encounters in the game due to his strong armor and defensive capabilities. On the other hand, Mirri is a powerful DPS that can provide a significant boost to overall damage output when set up correctly. In addition, Mirri can also act as an effective healer if their team composition allows them to do so. Ultimately, it will depend on what kind of content you are playing and what kind of support your group requires to decide which healer is better for your situation.

Is the Templar the Best Healer in ESO?

The Templar is a fantastic healer in Elder Scrolls Online (ESO). They have an impressive array of powerful healing abilities that make them one of the most sought after healers in the game. Their single target heals can be cast quickly and effectively, while their area of effect (AoE) heals are able to restore health to multiple allies at once. Templars also boast strong group-wide cleansing abilities, allowing them to quickly dispel harmful effects from their allies. This combination of potent healing and cleansing capabilities makes Templars formidable healers that are well-suited for both Dungeons and Trials.

The Effectiveness of Mirri as a Healer

Yes, Mirri is a great healer. Her Soul Thief class skill line offers strong self and group healing capabilities, along with dealing damage to enemies. Additionally, the Restoration Staff and Guilds skill trees provide powerful support for additional healing. This makes her a perfect choice for keeping your group alive and healthy during tough encounters.

Comparing Jean’s Healing Abilities

Jean is an excellent healer and can offer a great balance of damage and healing. Her Dandelion Breeze burst heals all allies, scaling with her attack, while her Wind Companion passive provides additional healing to nearby allies. This allows Jean to both deal damage and heal effectively at the same time. Ultimately, it will depend on your specific team composition and strategy to determine if Jean is the best healer for your team.

The Role of Red Mage in Dungeons and Raids

Red Mage is primarily a DPS job, but it does have an emergency resurrection ability. It is best used for dealing damage during group content, while allowing the healers to take care of the healing. Red Mage can be an effective DPS job when used correctly and with proper rotation and gear.


In conclusion, when it comes to the best healer class in Elder Scrolls Online, tere is no single answer as each class has its own unique strengths and weaknesses. The most popular meta healer classes are Paladin, Shaman, Druid, Priest, and Monk, but any class can be viable depending on the patch. Ultimately it is up to the player to decide which class best suits their needs. Nonetheless, features such as self-healing capabilities and group utility abilities can make any character a great healer in ESO.

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