Becoming a Lich in D&D 5e: A Step-by-Step Guide

Becoming a Lich in Dungeons & Dragons 5e
Are you looing to become a lich in Dungeons & Dragons 5e? The process of becoming a lich is one that can be difficult, long, and dangerous. However, if you’re willing to take the risk and put in the hard work, you can achieve immortality and power. Here is a breakdown of how to become a lich in 5e.

First, you must construct a phylactery. This is an object that holds your soul after death. It culd be anything from a box or book to an amulet or ring. This object must be made out of rare materials like mithril or adamantine and sealed with spells. Once the phylactery is constructed, it must be filled with your soul. This requires powerful magic and should only be done by experienced spellcasters.

Next, you will need to create the Ritual of Becoming or Ceremony of Endless Night which can include arcane rituals and components specific to your desired form as a lich. You will also need to find and consume a deadly potion that has been brewed with poisonous ingredients such as blood from a sentient creature along with various spells cast into it. Drinking this potion will cause your body to die but your soul will remain intact within the phylactery, allowing you to ascend into undeath as a Lich.

Finally, once these steps have been completed successfully for one week during which time your phylactery needs to remain in the ‘soul receiving’ state, your transformation into an undead being is complete! As a Lich, you will possess incredible power; however this comes at the cost of losing all ties with mortality and living creatures alike – including loved ones – so make sure you are ready for such changes before beginning this journey.

Becoming a Lich in Dungeons & Dragons 5e can be incredibly rewarding but also incredibly dangerous; make sure that you understand all risks involved before making this decision! Good luck on your journey!

Becoming a Lich in D&D 5e

Becoming a Lich in 5e is a lengthy and complex process that requires the dedication of powerful magic. Firstly, one must create a unique magical phylactery, an item or container of sorts that will house the Lich’s soul and keep it safe from destruction. This can take the form of a gemstone, an ancient tome or even an entire building. It is then necessary to construct a powerful ritual involving rare components and strong necromantic spells. The ritual must be conducted while the phylactery is in its “soul receiving” state wich lasts for one week. During this time, the caster must consume a deadly potion containing life-giving and death-bringing ingredients – thus merging both forces into one being – before transferring their soul into the phylactery. Once this is done, they are transformed into an undead being known as a lich, with all its associated powers and evil intents.

becoming a lich 5e

Becoming a Lich: A Step-by-Step Guide

The process of becoming a lich is an involved one and requires mastery of powerful necromantic magics. The firt step in the process is to create a magical receptacle, known as a phylactery, to contain the lich’s soul. This phylactery can take many forms, such as a necklace or amulet, but must be crafted from an indestructible material such as lead, silver, or adamantine. Once the phylactery is complete, it must be infused with necromantic magics that will draw upon the life force of the lich and bind their immortal soul within its confines.

The next step in the ritual of becoming a lich is for the caster to cast powerful necromantic spells that will draw upon the life force of their body and transfer it into their phylactery. During this process, the caster must remain conscious and have full control over their body so that they can direct their own soul into the phylactery and bind themselves witin its walls. Once this step is complete, the caster’s physical body will become an undead husk animated by dark magics while their true essence resides within their phylactery.

Finally, if all has gone according to plan and sufficient power has been expended dring this ritual, then a new lich will emerge from this transformation with all their memories intact and ready to pursue whatever dark agenda they may have in store for them.

Can Any Class Become a Lich?

No, not any class can become a lich. Lichdom is a powerful form of undeath that requires the caster to undergo a lengthy and difficult ritual involving the draining of their own life force, as well as the research and mastery of necromantic spells. As such, it is only available to those with a high level of magical ability and knowledge. The most common classes able to become liches are wizards, sorcerers, warlocks, clerics, and occasionally bards. Druids are an exception as they usually rely on natural magic rather than necromancy, so they typically do not attempt lichdom.

Can a Person Be Transformed Into a Lich?

Yes, it is possible to turn someone into a lich. The process involves creating a phylactery, which is an object that holds the lich’s soul after they have died. Then, the person must drink a potion containing poisonous ingredients and the blood of a sentient creature, which has been enhanced with magical spells. After consuming this potion, the person will become a lich. It is important to note that this process is irreversible, and it will require great willpower for the individual to resist the urge to succumb to ther newfound immortal power.

Can a Player Character Become a Lich in Dungeons and Dragons 5e?

Yes, a player character can becoe a lich in fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons. To do so, they will need to find and acquire a powerful magical item known as a “Phylactery of Undeath” – this item is an integral part of the process and without it, becoming a lich is impossible. Once they have the phylactery, the character must then complete a ritual which requires them to spend at least one year in preparation, studying and practicing powerful necromancy magic. At the end of this period, they must then perform an 8-hour ritual which involves draining their own life force and transferring it into the phylactery. Upon successful completion of this ritual, the character will become a lich – an undead creature with immense magical power and near immortality.

Becoming a lich is no small feat, however – there are many risks involved in attempting such an undertaking. As well as needing to find and acquire the phylactery in the first place (which may not be easy depending on the campaign setting), characters must also be prepared for any unexpected consequences that may arise from their transformation – such as becoming an enemy of gods or even being cursed by powerful forces. Ultimately, whether or not becoming a lich is worth it depends on each individual character’s motivations and goals – but if they are prepared to take on these risks, they may find themseves rewarded with immense power and near immortality!

becoming a lich 5e

The Potential Benefits of Having a Lich as a Companion

Yes, there are good liches. These are known as Archliches, and they are a type of lich that is not necessarily evil. Archliches were spellcasters in life who chose to beome liches for noble reasons. Their purpose for transforming into undeath was often to use their powerful magic to protect the innocent and uphold justice. They could be of any spellcasting class, such as wizards, bards or clerics, and were devoted to a higher calling. Unlike evil liches, which sought immortality through necromantic rituals, archliches sought eternal life through self-sacrifice and dedication to their cause. In addition, archliches were much more powerful than their evil counterparts due to the strength of their magical abilities.

Can Necromancers Become Liches?

Yes, a necromancer can be a lich. A lich is an undead creature that has gained immortality through the use of powerful magic, known as Phylactery. It is created by a necromancer when they cast powerful spells to transform themselves into an undead form. This transformation requires the caster to sacrifice their physical body and transfer their soul into a magical object known as a phylactery. The phylactery will then conain their essence and enable them to remain immortal even after death or destruction of the physical body. In some cases, necromancers also transfer their minds into their phylacteries in order to gain even greater control over the undead they create. Once transformed, liches often take on powerful abilities such as spellcasting and control over other undead creatures.

Can Non-Wizards Become Liches?

No, a non-wizard cannot become a lich. According to the official 5e rule books, a lich must be a wizard who has dedicated themselves to attaining undeath through the use of powerful magic. While other spellcasting classes such as clerics and druids may have access to necromancy spells, they lack the level of magical power and knowledge required to achieve lichdom. In addition, becoming a lich requires one to make a dark pact with powerful forces of evil that are typically only accessible to wizards.

Can a Bard Become a Lich?

Yes, a bard can becoe a lich. A bard who becomes a lich has the option of choosing to become a bardic lich instead of a standard lich. This type of lich retains its bardic abilities and adapts them to its new life as an undead creature.

Bardic liches are able to create powerful magical effects with their performances, as well as use their spells and special abilities to manipulate the minds and emotions of others. They also have access to powerful necromantic magic, allowing them to control and summon undead creatures. In addition, they gain severl immunities and resistances due to their undead nature.

Overall, becoming a bardic lich is an extremely powerful transformation for any bard, granting them access to powerful magical abilities that can be used for great good or great evil.

becoming a lich 5e

Can I Be a Vampire Lord and a Lich?

Yes, you can be a vampire lord and a lich! Vampires are immortal creatures with the ability to shapeshift, hypnotize, and have superhuman strength. They feed on the life-force of people in order to survive. Liches are powerful undead spellcasters who wield dark magic. They often use this power to manipulate others or create undead minions. By combining these two forms, you will gain all teir respective abilities. You will be able to utilize both vampiric and lich-like abilities, giving you an incredibly powerful advantage over your enemies.

Can a Lich Become a God?

Yes, a lich can become a god in Dungeons and Dragons (DnD). A lich is an undead creature that has achieved immortality by casting powerful necromantic spells and binding its spirit to its phylactery. Since a lich is already an immortal being, it has the potential to become a god by gathering enouh worshippers.

In order for a lich to become a god, it must first acquire divine power from other gods or divine sources. It can do this by bargaining with powerful entities or by stealing divine power from another deity. Once it has gathered enough divine power, the lich must then begin to accumulate worshippers who are devoted to it as their god. This can be done throgh coercion or manipulation, or through acts of charity or kindness that make people believe in the lich as their deity. Once the lich has sufficient worshippers, its powers will increase exponentially until it reaches the level of a full-fledged god in DnD.

Consequences of Failing to Become a Lich

If a spellcaster fails their attempt to become a lich, they may instead become an arch-shadow. An arch-shadow is an undead creature cursed with undeath and is often viewed as a blight on the land. As opposed to traditional liches, which are usually evil, arch-shadows may be of any alignment. There are also rare cases of good-aligned liches, such as elven baelnorns or “good elven liches”, who exist to protect elven interests and preserve knowledge. Typically these good liches have human origins, and are referred to as archliches.

Does Converting a Lich Result in Obtaining a Weapon?

Yes, converting a Lich will give you the weapon associated with it. After converting the Lich, it will become an ally of the player and can appear randomly in missions after they enter bleedout. The weapon can then be earned by trading the converted Lich to another player, giving them a chance to get their own weapon and/or Ephemera.

becoming a lich 5e

Can a Lich Create a Clone?

No, a lich cannot have a clone. The spell Clone only creates an exact duplicate of the creature touched by the spell, and since a lich is an undead creature, it cannot be targeted by this spell.


Becoming a lich is a process that requires a full spellcaster and powerful magical items such as a phylactery. It involves a ritual or ceremony known as the Ritual of Becoming or Ceremony of Endless Night, followed by drinking a potent potion made from poisons, blood from a sentient creature, and spells. The effects of the potion must be embraced within one week for the soul to enter the phylactery before it is ready for undeath. While it is possible for someone to be tricked into becoming a lich, it requires extreme caution and care to avoid harm or unintended consequences. Ultimately, becoming a lich is not an easy task and sould not be taken lightly.

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