BDO Top Trick – Turn Your Horse Into A Courser!

Are you looking for a way to make your Black Desert Online adventures even more exciting? Then the Courser migt just be the perfect mount for you! The Courser is a special tier 8 horse that has many advantages over regular horses when it comes to movement speed and skills.

To qualify as a Courser, your horse must have at least level 30 and possess certain skills. These include Charge, Drift, Sprint, Instant Accel, Sideways, S:Instant Accel and S:Sideways. If your horse is missing any of these skills, you can use Mount Skill Change Coupons from the Pearl Store or sell the horse and try agin with a new one.

Once you have successfully qualified your horse as a Courser, you will be able to see a golden icon next to its name in the Mount menu. This golden icon is an indication that your horse has achieved this superior status. Having a Courser not only makes for an impressive asset in terms of silver but also provides various benefits when it coes to Horse Breeding.

The main benefit of having a Courser is that it increases the speed of your mounts significantly. It also allows for more agile movement such as drifting around corners and accelerating faster than regular mounts can do. This makes traversing through the game world much easier and more enjoyable! Additionally, having a Courser gives you access to some exclusive skills such as S:Instant Accel and S:Sideways which are not available on other mounts.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for an edge in Black Desert Online then acquiring yourself a courser migt just be the right choice for you! Not only do they look great but they also provide various benefits when it comes to movement speed and Horse Breeding – making them well worth their price tag!

Turning a Horse into a Courser in BDO

In order to turn your horse into a courser in BDO, you will first need to obtain a tier 8 horse. This can be done by either purchasing one from the stable or capturing a wild horse. Once you have your tier 8 horse, you will need to level it up to at least level 30. After the horse has reached level 30, it should have acquired enough skills that it can become a courser.

If for some reason your horse is missing some of the required skills for becoming a courser, you may opt to use Mount Skill Change Coupons from the Pearl Shop or sell the horse and try agan with a new one. Once all the necessary skills are obtained, you can then take your horse to an NPC in-game that offers Courser Training Services, such as Stonetail Horse Ranch or the Horse Market Manager. The Courser Training Service NPC will then upgrade your horse’s skills and turn it into a courser.

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Is My Horse Courser BDO?

In order to determine if your horse is a Courser in Black Desert Online, the easiest way is to look for the gold horse head icon within the horse info window. This icon will apear on the right side of your horse’s portrait and should be clearly visible. You can also tell by comparing your horse to a normal one – Coursers have an overall higher stat line than regular horses and may have unique abilities like greater stamina or speed. Finally, you can verify this information by looking at your horse’s breed name in-game – Coursers will have their breed name prefixed with ‘Courser’.

Can Tier 7 Horses Be Used as Coursers?

Yes, a Tier 7 horse can be a courser. In order to be considered a courser, the horse must have Charge, Drift, Sprint, Instant Accel, Sideways and S:Instant Accel and S:Sideways skills at level 5 or higher. Coursers are highly prized horses in the equestrian world for thir speed and agility. They are used in racing competitions and in breeding programs for their superior qualities. With proper training and care, a Tier 7 horse can make an excellent courser.

Identifying Whether a Horse is Courser

You can quickly identify a Courser by looking for the golden icon in your Mount menu. Being qualified as a Courser does not grant any additional bonus stats, but it will increase the selling price and imperial trading prices for your horse. To check if your horse meets the criteria for Courser status, look for the golden icon next to its name in the Mount menu.

The Characteristics of a Courser Horse

A courser is a large and powerful horse that was bred specifically for military use. It has a solid, muscular frame with an arched neck and strong limbs. Coursers were capable of carrying heavy armor and weapons, as well as galloping at great speed to outrun enemies or chase them down. They could often travel great distances quickly, making them especially valuable for transporting soldiers or supplies to the battlefield. Coursers are also known for their intelligence and loyalty; they were highly prized by knights and men-at-arms alike.

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The Benefits of Horse Training in Black Desert Online

Yes, horse training is defnitely worth it in BDO. With the right training, your horse can become a powerful mount that will greatly help you in your adventures. Training your horse increases the amount of EXP it gains per tick, increases your chances of success when capturing horses, and even increases the chance of your mount gaining a new skill when they level. So if you’re looking for a trusty steed, then investing some time into horse training is definitely worth it.

Obtaining a Tier 7 Horse in BDO

The best way to get a Tier 7 horse in Black Desert Online (BDO) is to look for them in Drieghan. Once you spot one, equip a Capturing Rope and throw it at the horse. You will then need to engage in a test of strength by pressing the space bar as quickly as you can. If you win, you will be able to catch the wild horse and add it to your stable!

What Is the Highest Tier Horse in BDO?

The highest tier horse in Black Desert Online (BDO) is the T10, also known as a Mythical Horse. This incredibly rare and powerful horse can only be obtained through special events or from breeding specific high-tier horses. The T10 has a maximum level of 100, higher than any other horse in the game, and can provide amazing stats and bonuses to any rider lucky enough to acquire one. The T10 is highly sought after by experienced players, as it offers unparalleled performance when upgraded with coveted skills such as Swaying Wind Shackle and Sprint.

The Fastest Dream Horse in Black Desert Online

The fastest dream horse in . This majestic tier 9 mount has the Triple Instant Accel skill, which gives it a massive speed boost compared to other horses. Additionally, its horse skills scale with your AP, making it even more powerful in battle. Its speed also makes it immune to the slowdown effects of the Valencia Desert. With its incredible speed and power, the Unicorn is without a doubt the fastest dream horse in BDO.

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Hierarchy Among Horses

Yes, there is a hierarchy in horses. This hierarchical structure is established through a process known as ‘pecking order’, where the higher-ranking horses will control the movement of their lower-ranking peers. The dominant horse in the herd will usually be the largest and most assertive animal, and will often receive preferential treatment from the herd’s other members. In order to establish a successful leadership role with a horse, it is important to first establish dominance in the horse’s mind. This can be done by usng consistent verbal cues and body language to demonstrate that you are in charge without causing fear or aggression. Creating consistent rules and routines can help clarify your position of dominance and build trust between you and your horse.

Can Horses Compete in Grade Events?

Yes, grade horses can compete in horse shows and events. Grade horses are horses that do not have a known pedigree, so they are not purebreds. While grade horses may not have the same level of success as purebreds, this does not mean they cannot compete. Grade horses can be just as strong and fast as purebreds, but since they are not bred for specific characteristics like purebreds, they may not have the same success in certain competitions. However, with proper training and care, grade horses can stil be competitive in many events.

When Is the Appropriate Age to Stop Riding Horses?

It is generally recommended to stop regularly riding a horse when it reaches the age of 20 to 25 years old. At this point, the horse’s body may not be able to handle the strenuous exercise and rides as well as it used to, and it could put added stress on their joints and muscles. It is important to keep in mind that every horse ages differently, so it is essential to monitor your horse’s condition closely. If you notice any signs of discomfort or exhaustion during rides, consult with a veterinarian for further advice.

Classes of Horses

The four classes of horses are Draft, Light, Gaited, and Warmbloods. Draft horses are the largest and strongest type of horse, bred for heavy work such as pulling carriages and plowing fields. They have a powerful build and short legs that make them well-suited for these types of tasks. Light horses are smaller in stature than drafts but still quie strong and often used for riding. They have long legs that give them agility and speed. Gaited horses are any breed that can perform a specific type of gait or movement, such as the Fox Trot or Paso Fino. These movements require special training to perfect, but the result is an incredibly smooth ride. Warmbloods are bred specifically for use in equestrian sports, such as show jumping or dressage. They are usually taller than light horses with a more muscular build that allows them to be agile yet powerful enough to perform complex movements at high speed.

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Signs of Dominance in Horses

A dominant horse can be identified by observing its behavior in comparison to the surrounding horses. It will stand confidently, with its ears forward, and will not back away from other horses. If a horse moves toward another, rater than away from it, this is a sign of dominance. Additionally, it may display aggressive body language such as pinning its ears back, swinging its head, biting, swinging its hips toward the other horse and even kicking out.


In conclusion, becoming a Courser in Black Desert Online is an excellent way to increase the value of your horse. With the right combination of skills, any tier 8 horse can become a Courser and unlock additional benefits such as increased selling prices and imperial trading prices. Although there is no extra bonus stats for being a Courser, it is still a great way to upgrade your mount and make it even more valuable.

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