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The Bauer Nexus ADV hockey stick is a marvel of modern engineering and design. It’s lightweight, weighing in at only 365 grams, yet still durable and strong enough to withstand the rigors of competitive play. The shaft is made from advanced carbon layering for superior performance, while the mid-shaft kick point ensures quick and accurate shots. Its ER spine design provides excellent balance and control for improved precision on the ice.

In addition to its impressive construction, the Bauer Nexus ADV also boasts several unique features that make it stand out from its competitors. The E-Flex profile delivers maximum energy transfer, while the Power Sense core reduces blade deflection and optimizes power output. The patented Pure Shot blade profile creates better accuracy with each shot, while its low-kick flex profile gives players improved power and control when shooting. Finally, the Vibration Reduction Technology (VRT) helps reduce vibration and dampens sound to improve comfort during play.

The Bauer Nexus ADV is an ideal choice for intermediate to advanced players who are looking for a high-performance stick that offers unparalleled control and accuracy on the ice. With its advanced construction materials and innovative features, it’s sure to give you an edge during every game!

How Much Does The Bauer Nexus ADV Weigh?

The Bauer Nexus ADV weighs 365 grams. The shaft is made of advanced carbon layering and the kick point is in the mid shaft. The design is ER spine.

bauer nexus adv

Why Does The Bauer Nexus ADV Have A Hole?

The hole in the Bauer Nexus ADV hockey stick is designed to create a slingshot effect when releasing the puck. This means that the puck will be shot out faster and with more power than if it were released without the hole. The hole accomplishes this by allowing air to flow thrugh the blade more easily, which creates a mini-vortex that helps to propel the puck forward.

What NHL Players Use The Nexus ADV?

The Nexus ADV is a skate designed for hockey players that features a low profile and extra-wide fit. This skate is favoured by many NHL players, including Nikita Kucherov, Victor Hedman, Brayden McNabb, and Erik Karlsson.

bauer nexus adv

Are Bauer Nexus Sticks Good?

Yes, Bauer Nexus sticks are good. They are some of the most popular sticks on the market and are known for teir accuracy and control.


Do You Tape Bauer Sling?

Everyone’s taping preferences and techniques vary. However, some basic tips on how to best tape a Bauer SlingTech 2.0 stick include:
-Start by taping the blade in the traditional way, using a few strips of tape across the blade to hold it in place.
-Next, take a longer strip of tape and wrap it around the top of the shaft, just below the blade. This will help keep the blade in place and provide extra stability.
-Finally, use additional strips of tape to secure the grip area on the shaft, if needed.

bauer nexus adv

Do Any NHL Players Use The Bauer Sling?

The Bauer Sling is a custom-made stick for a few select NHL players. It is not available to the public. The Bauer Sling is designed to improve puck handling and shooting accuracy.

How Can You Tell A Fake Bauer Stick?

There are a few identifiers that can help you determine if a Bauer stick is fake. The first is the sticker. A real Bauer stick will have a small, square symbol in the black barcode before the letters start. The white barcode should also be in the correct shape. If either of these are incorrect, it’s likely that the stick is fake. Additionally, the blade of a Bauer stick is usually engraved with the brand’s logo. If this is missing or looks off, it’s another sign that the stick might not be authentic.

bauer nexus adv

How Heavy Is The Hyperlite Hockey Stick?

The Hyperlite hockey stick has a weight of 385g. It is made with a HyperCore blade core and has a XE Taper. The stick is part of the Vapor line and has a 30 day warranty.

Does Bauer Still Make Nexus Skates?

Yes, Bauer still makes Nexus skates. The 2N, Bauer’s premier Nexus skate, is the only one in the line that offers a 3-D Curv composite boot for exceptional support and durability.

What Stick Does Mcdavid Use?

The type of hockey stick that a player uses depends on their own individual preferences and playing style. However, McDavid is known to use a Pro Stock Hockey Stick made by CCM. This particular model features a RED LINE grip for better control and handling, as well as a BASKETBALL GRIP and FISHNET GRIP for an extra level of grip and stability. It also has a shaft shape that can be selected above, and comes in two different height options (57″ or 61″).

Do NHL Players Use The Bauer Nexus ADV?

The Bauer Nexus ADV is a hockey stick that was created with a hole in its blade. This design is supposed to help improve puck control and accuracy. The Nexus ADV was first used by NHL players in January of 2018, when Evgeny Kuznetsov scored a goal with the stick in his first game using it. The Nexus ADV is only used by a handful of players in the NHL, as it is a new and relatively untested design.

How Many NHL Players Wear Bauer Skates?

Bauer is the leading skate provider in the NHL, with around 70% of players usng their skates. This is largely due to the high quality and performance of Bauer skates, which have been developed through years of research and innovation. Bauer skates are designed to provide players with the best possible skating experience, allowing them to move more quickly and easily on the ice. This makes them a popular choice for professional players.

What Stick Does Connor Bedard Use?

Connor Bedard uses a Nike Bauer Supreme One95 hockey stick. The One95 is designed for players who want a quick and lightweight stick that can help them unleash powerful shots. The stick has a concave shaft that provides a good grip and helps you control the puck. It also has a low-kick point, which alows you to get the puck off quickly.

What Stick Does Leon Draisaitl Use?

Leon Draisaitl is a professional ice hockey player who currently plays for the Edmonton Oilers in the National Hockey League (NHL). He primarily plays as a center, but has also been known to play as a winger. In terms of his equipment, Draisaitl uses a Bauer Supreme Ultra Sonic stick and a Warrior Alpha LX Pro glove.

What Stick Does Auston Matthews Use?

Auston Matthews uses a CCM JetSpeed FT4 Pro stick. This is a high-end stick that is designed for elite players. It features a low-kickpoint for a quick and responsive release, as well as a carbon fiber construction for added strength and durability.

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