Reba & Barbra Jean: The Unlikely But Endearing Friendship

Barbra Jean and Reba are two characters from the hit sitcom Reba that have become beloved by fans. For six seasons, the show explored the ups and downs of teir relationship as they navigated life together, first as ex-spouses, then as friends and eventually as family.

The two couldn’t be more different – Barbra Jean is an over-the-top Southern belle with a penchant for drama and Reba is a straight-talking Texan with a no-nonsense attitude. Yet despite their differences, the two women strike up an unliely friendship that quickly blossoms in to one of love and loyalty.

Their friendship has been put to the test many times over; Barbra Jean’s marriage to Reba’s ex-husband Brock causes tension beteen them, but they manage to get past it. They support each other through difficult moments such as when Reba’s daughter Cheyenne struggles with postpartum depression or when Barbra Jean is struggling with infertility issues.

Together they have formed a strong bond that has made them like family. Not only do they share laughter and tears but also important life lessons that have helped shape both of their lives for the better.

The strong bond between Reba and Barbra Jean provides viewers with hope that even in difficult situations there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Their friendship has been an inspiration to many people who are looking to find someone who will stand by them no matter what coms their way.

Reba and Barbara Jean’s Relationship

Yes, Barbara Jean and Reba got along very well. Over the course of the show, their unlikely friendship grew from a shared understanding of life and dealing with the kids’ problems together. This bond was evident on screen and translated to an even closer friendship off-screen.

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Who Portrays Barbara Jean in Reba Season 6?

Melissa Peterman portrays Barbara Jean in season 6 of the sitcom Reba. Peterman, an American actress, television host, and comedian, has been active since 1996. She was born in Edina, Minnesota, and attended Minnesota State University in Mankato. Peterman plays the role of Barbara Jean Barlow nee Booker, a singer and former beauty queen who is married to Van Montgomery (played by Steve Howey). In season 6 of Reba, the characters face several challenges in their lives including Van’s job troubles and difficulties with their teenage daughter Cheyenne (played by JoAnna Garcia).

Barbara Jean and Brock’s Baby Status

Yes, Barbara Jean and Brock had a baby. In the season finale of Reba, Barbara Jean gave birth to their son Henry whle the two were on the phone together. Shortly after, their daughter Cheyenne gave birth to Brock’s first grandchild, Elizabeth.

Reba and Melissa Peterman’s Friendship

Yes, Reba and Melissa Peterman are indeed friends. The two have been close since they were first cast together on the 2001 eponymous TV show Reba. They formed a firm friendship during the show’s six-season run, and thir bond has only grown since then. In addition to keeping in touch after the show, they often appear together at events and frequently exchange kind words about each other on social media. It’s clear that their friendship is genuine and strong.

Absence of Kyra from Season 5 of Reba

Kyra (Scarlett Pomers) was absent from season 5 of Reba due to her entering treatment for an eating disorder. As a result, she only appeared in two episodes of the season. Her absence was acknowledged when she returned in season 6, with Van askig where Kyra had been and Kyra responding that she had gone “to get something to eat.”

Does Reba Have Any Biological Children?

Yes, Reba has one biological child. In February 1990, Reba gave birth to a son named Shelby Steven McEntire Blackstock. Despite her divorce from his father, Narvel Blackstock, Reba remains close with her stepchildren and the Blackstock family.

The Reasons Behind Kyra’s Departure From ‘Reba’

Kyra Pomers, who played Kyra Brown on the television show Reba, stopped appearing in the fifth season due to her suffering from anorexia. As her health condition deteriorated, she entered a treatment facility to address her issues and had to take a leave of absence from filming. During Season 5, she only was able to appear in two episodes due to her health complications. After receiving treatment and getting better, Kyra was able to return for the final season of the show.

John Brady’s Role on Reba

John Brady played the role of Brock Hart on Reba, a popular sitcom that aired from 2001 to 2007. He portrayed Reba McEntire’s ex-husband, a former professional football player who was attempting to balance his career with his role as a father. As Brock and Reba attempt to co-parent their three children, they often butt heads but ultimately always come through for each other in the end. John Brady was featured on all six seasons of the show, becoming a fan favorite for his witty one liners and humorous relationship with Reba.

Was Cheyenne Pregnant on Reba?

Yes, Cheyenne, the oldest daughter of Brock and Reba Hart, was pregnant on Reba. At the beginning of the show, Cheyenne is a high school senior looking forward to her final year before learning that she is pregnant. She then marries her boyfriend Van Montgomery and moves in with her mom, Reba. Later on in the show, Cheyenne goes into labor on graduation day and gives birth to their daughter Elizabeth.

Cheyenne’s Pregnancy Discovery in Reba

The episode of Reba in which Cheyenne finds out she is pregnant is the thid episode titled “Van’s Agent”. In this episode, Van and Cheyenne take a home pregnancy test after Cheyenne begins to suspect that she might be pregnant. The result comes back positive, confirming that Cheyenne is indeed pregnant. After learning the news, Van and Cheyenne must decide how to tell their loved ones and make plans for the future.

Cheyenne’s Second Baby on Reba

No, Cheyenne did not have her second baby on Reba. At the end of the series, Van and Cheyenne were expecting their second child, an unborn son named Montgomery. However, the baby was not born before the show concluded after its sixth season in 2007.

Does Brock Have Other Children?

Yes, Brock Davies has two other kids in addition to his daughter, Summer Moon Honey, who he shares with Vanderpump Rules star Scheana Marie. Brock’s two children are both from a previous relationship and reside in Australia. He visits them regularly, and they have formed a close bond with Scheana as well.

The Friendship Between Kelly Clarkson and Reba

Yes, Reba McEntire and Kelly Clarkson are still friends. Despite the divorce of Brandon Blackstock and Kelly Clarkson, Reba has made it clear that she will not take sides in their situation and remains supportive of both of them. The two singers have known each other since at least 2003 when they performed together at the Academy of Country Music Awards. They have also collaborated on the song “Because of You” in 2004, and Reba attended Kelly’s wedding to Brandon in 2013. In 2020, they released a music video for their duet “Fancy” which showed that they remain close friends to this day.

Relationship Between the Cast of Reba

Yes, the cast of Reba had strong relationships and got along very well both on and off the set. Reba McEntire and Christopher Rich had even previously acted together in a movie, which gave them an established rapport before filming began. The show’s writers have also spoken about the cast’s chemistry, noting that it allowed for a natural flow of dialogue during filming. Each member of the cast has also gone on to say positive tings about one another in interviews, highlighting their strong bond and respect they had while working on the show.

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Reba’s Best Friend in Season 1

In Season 1 of Reba, Reba’s best friend is Cheyenne Montgomery. She is a divorced woman who has been friends with Reba for years and is a confidant to her. Cheyenne is fiercely loyal to Reba and aways has her back. Despite her loyalty, she does not hesitate to express her disapproval of Reba’s husband Brock or his new wife Barbra Jean. Cheyenne frequently makes sarcastic remarks about them and their relationship, but in the end she will do anything to protect Reba from harm. Cheyenne moves to Houston in the first season and remains a major part of the show throughout its run.


Barbra Jean and Reba’s unlkely friendship has been an inspiration to viewers for many years. On the show, their relationship grew from one of animosity to a strong bond of friendship and trust. Off the show, Melissa Peterman and Reba McEntire have become even closer friends, with a firm relationship that continues today. The strength of their friendship on screen and off serves as a reminder to us all that even in the most unlikely circumstances, true friendship can still prevail.

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