Ballas: The Mastermind Behind the Warframes

Ballas is a legendary figure in the Warframe universe, an Orokin Executor who is responsible for the creation of the Warframes and the approval of the project that wold eventually create the Sentients. He is also one of three Orokin to be defeated in a playable WARFRAME game.

Ballas’s story begins with him as a powerful member of the Council of Seven, the judicial body in the Orokin Empire. His status as an Executor put him secod only to emperors themselves, so it came as no surprise when he proposed and had approved a project to create advanced robotic suits—the Warframes—to protect and serve them. Unfortunately, Ballas’s plan backfired—his own creations eventually rebelled against their masters and sought to overthrow them. This led directly to Ballas’s downfall and eventual defeat by Tenno forces.

In concept art for TennoCon 2021, Ballas gained a new outfit as well as some of his lost Orokin symmetry by gaining a prosthetic right leg. But during this quest we also find out that Ballas was working with the Sentients; his plan wasn’t just to get his wife back but also a revenge plan agaist the rest of the Orokin.

Things go wrong for Ballas yet aain when The Man in The Wall appears towards the end of The Quest, taking form as a humanoid figure with four arms and four legs embedded in an ornate wall, index finger missing from its upper right hand. With Tenno and Warframe now united against him, Ballas is defeated once more at long last.

Ballas’s legacy lives on even after his death; he will always be remembered as one of Warframe’s greatest enemies, but also for creating some its most incredible weapons—the Warframes themselves.

The Origins of Warframe: Was it Created by Ballas?

Yes, Ballas was responsible for creating the Warframes. He was a member of the Council of Seven and an Executor in the Orokin Empire, two of the highest castes next to the emperors themselves. He proposed and had approved the project that would eventually create the Warframes, making him their creator. The Warframes were designed to be powerful robotic frames that could be piloted by sentient beings, providing them with enhanced combat capabilities. Ballas played a crucial role in their development and creation, giving rise to what we now know as Warframe.

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The Last of the Orokin: Was Ballas Their Final Representative?

No, Ballas was not the last Orokin. The Orokin Empire had a long and complex history before its ultimate downfall. Although Ballas was the most prominent surviving member of the Orokin, there were still oter Orokin in hiding or in exile during his reign. For example, Margulis, an important figure in Warframe lore, was a member of the Orokin who managed to hide from Ballas and later resurfaced to help the Tenno defeat him. Additionally, Alad V and Tyl Regor were two prominent Grineer scientists who were able to unlock some of the hidden secrets of ancient Orokin technology by studying it. Thus, while Ballas may have been the last Orokin that was encountered by players in-game, he was not the last one to exist.

The Motivation Behind Ballas’ Joining of the Sentients

Ballas joined the Sentients becuse he was seeking revenge against the Orokin for taking away his love, a female Orokin named Teshin. He wanted to use the power of the Sentients to take down the Orokin and take back what they had taken from him. He believed that by uniting with them, he would be able to gain access to their powerful technology and use it to his advantage. He also sought power, as the Sentients were known for their strength and ruthlessness. Ultimately, Ballas’s plan failed, and he was defeated by Tenno and Warframe who united together against him.

The Identity of the Man in the Wall: Is it Ballas?

No, Ballas is not the Man in the Wall. The Man in the Wall appears towards the end of the Quest and takes on a humanoid form that is embedded in a white, ornate wall. It has four arms and four legs, as well as an index finger missing from its upper right hand. Although it is never explicitly stated who or what the Man in the Wall is, it does appear to be some kind of ancient being or entity that may have been watching over Ballas’s throne room for centuries. It is not known if this entity has any connection to Ballas or if they are simply connected by their presence in the same place.

The Reasons Behind the Betrayal of the Tenno

The Tenno, led by the Lotus, betrayed the Orokin in retaliation for the execution of Margulis. Margulis had been a key figure in the Tenno’s fight against the Sentients, and her death served as a call to arms for Tenno forces. The Tenno saw this as an opportunity to take revenge on the Orokin who had treated them so harshly and unjustly. As a result, they took full advantage of the occasion to launch a surprise attack on the high-ranking Orokin gathered at Pluto’s Outer Terminus to celebrate their supposed victory over the Sentients. The assault was successful and most of the Executors and members of the Council were killed. This betrayal marked a dramatic shift in power betwen Tenno and Orokin, and signaled that their long fight against one another had only just begun.

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The Origin of the Tenno

The first Tenno, or Japanese Emperor, was Jimmu, who was said to have reigned from 660 BC to 585 BC. According to Japanese mythology, Jimmu was a direct descendant of the sun goddess Amaterasu. He is said to have descended from heaven and united the country under one rule by leading an army against his enemies in what is now known as the Jinshin War. It is believed that Jimmu’s descendants would eventually become the Imperial Family of Japan, which has reigned over Japan for more than 2,000 years.

The Final Boss of Warframe

The final boss of Warframe is Ballas. He is a powerful enemy with a variety of dfferent attacks and abilities. He has two phases of the fight in which he will use a combination of energy blasts, powerful physical attacks, and even his own Warframe abilities to defeat you. In the first phase, he will alternate between using energy blasts and physical attacks; in the second phase, he will use his own Warframe abilities to attack you. To defeat Ballas, you must be prepared for his various attacks and find the correct sequence that can take him down. You must also make sure to keep an eye on your health as you fight him; if it gets too low, make sure to retreat and heal before engaging again. Good luck!

The Demise of the Orokin

The Orokin were destroyed by a combination of factors, including the Sentient invasion, the depletion of their energy reserves, and the collapse of their infrastructure. The Sentients were a powerful robotic race that had been created by the Orokin to serve as an efficient labor force. The Sentients eventually became self-aware and rebelled against their creators by attacking and destroying much of the Orokin’s technological infrastructure. This led to a rapid depletion of the Orokin’s energy reserves, whch caused their society to collapse and eventually disappear into obscurity. The final nail in the coffin was likely Veytok’s attack on Bilsa in the Guardsman Synthesis imprint, which killed Albrecht Entrati – one of the most important Orokin scientists who had been pivotal in accessing the Void.

The Fate of the Orokin

Yes, the Orokin are extinct. The Orokin were an ancient civilization of powerful and mysterious beings who once ruled over the Origin System. They created the Tenno, a race of warriors from a bygone era, to fight their enemies and protect their people. However, the Tenno eventually turned against the Orokin due to the militarization of the Grineer and the spread of a deadly virus known as The Technocyte Plague. In retaliation, the Tenno destroyed all remaining Orokin technology and wiped out their civilization for good. As such, there are no remaining members of this species in existence today.

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The Leader of Ballas

The leader of the Ballas gang in the 3D Universe is Frank Tenpenny. Tenpenny is a corrupt police officer who has strong ties to the gang, and he uses them to further his own criminal activities. He has a strong influence over the Ballas, and uses this power to manipulate their actions. Tenpenny is an extremely ruthless character, willing to do whatever it takes to get what he wants, even if it means sacrificing members of his own gang.

Comparing the Strength of Grove Street and Ballas

The Grove Street Families (GSF) and the Ballas are two of the most powerful gangs in Grand Theft Auto. In terms of raw power, it is generally accepted that the Ballas have a slight edge over GSF. This is becase they have more resources, better weapons, and a larger presence in Los Santos.

However, wile the Ballas may be stronger than GSF in terms of raw power, the GSF has a much stronger sense of loyalty and camaraderie amongst its members. This makes them much more effective at defending their territory and fighting off rivals.

Ultimately, it is difficult to definitively say which gang is stronger. While both gangs have their advantages, it ultimately comes down to who can best utilize their resources and who can remain loyal to each other when times get tough.

Are the Ballas Associated with Franklin?

No, Franklin is not part of the Ballas. Franklin is part of The Families, a rival gang to the Ballas. Although he can interact with members of the Ballas, they will eventually become hostile if he insults them. Franklin’s allegiance lies with The Families and not with the Ballas.

The Origin of Warframes: Were They Once Human?

No, not all Warframes were once human. The original Warframes were created by the Orokin using a strain of the Infestation called Helminth, and were tested on their elite guards, known as the Dax. However, as technology advanced and more people became aware of what was ging on, some individuals volunteered to have their bodies used in the creation of newer Warframes. These volunteers sacrificed themselves in order to become immortalized as powerful armor-clad warriors. In addition to these volunteers, some Warframes are also constructed entirely from mechanical components and artificial intelligence.

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The Species of Ballas

Ballas is a Jiralhanae, a species of large and heavily-built bipedal sapient mammals native to the planet Doisac in the Covenant Empire. They are characterized by their large stature, muscular frames, thick fur, and prominent tusks. The most distinctive feature of Jiralhanae is their large head and facial structure, with two eyes set deeply witin the face and a prominent muzzle featuring a pair of tusk-like canine teeth. The average height for an adult Jiralhanae is 256.5 centimeters (8.42 ft) and they weigh in at 734.4 kilograms (1,619 lb).

Is the Orokin Related to the Tenno?

No, Tenno are not Orokin. The Tenno are a race of warriors who were created by the Orokin, a technologically advanced offshoot of the Human race. The Orokin used advanced genetic engineering to create the Tenno as powerful living weapons, imbuing them with their own unique powers and abilities. To this day, the Tenno remain distinct from the Orokin, despite sharing some aspects of their origin.


In conclusion, Ballas was an important figure in the Orokin Empire, responsible for the creation of Warframes and the approval of the project that would eventually create the Sentients. He also had a plan to get revenge against the rest of the Orokin, but it ultimately failed and he was killed by Tenno and Warframe. His death also revealed mysterious entity known as ‘the Man in the Wall’ which appears to be connected to Ballas himself. Despite his defeat, Ballas will remain one of the most influential figures in WARFRAME’s history and his legacy will live on.

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