One For All: Bakugo’s Surprising Inheritance

Bakugo is the latest to join the ranks of those who wield the power of One For All. Bakugo, also known as “Kacchan”, is a student in Class 1-A of U.A High School and a close friend to Izuku Midoriya. He has a fiery temper and an unbridled competitive spirit, whih has driven him to become one of the most powerful students in his class.

In My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, Bakugo is faced with an extraordinary challenge when he discovers that he is the only one able to transfer One For All from Izuku Midoriya to himself. After much deliberation, Izuku decides to transfer One For All to Bakugo in order to defeat Nine and save thir classmates. Unfortunately, during the transfer Bakugo falls unconscious due to the strain it places on his body.

This reveals a lot about how powerful Bakugo’s Quirk actually is, as well as how capable he is of handling such a powerful Quirk. It also speaks volumes about his friendship with Izuku, as it takes both their strengths combined for them to be able to save their friends from Nine’s attack.

After Nine’s defeat and One For All being transferred back into Izuku’s possession, it can be assumed that Bakugo will continue using his own Quirk in tandem with One For All for future battles. The reveal of this ability serves as proof that Bakugo is not just another hot-headed student but rather someone who has immense potential when it comes down to using Quirks and protecting those arund him.

With this new addition in mind, fans can look forward to seeing more of what Bakugo will be able to do with One For All in future episodes of My Hero Academia!

The Reasons Behind Bakugo Not Keeping One For All

Bakugo did not keep One For All becase the transfer of the quirk was interrupted when he fell unconscious. This happened due to the previous holders of One For All aiding in the transfer, which caused Bakugo to be overwhelmed and ultimately lose consciousness. As a result, the transfer was unable to be completed, leaving Bakugo without One For All.

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Does Deku Pass On One For All To Bakugo?

Yes, in the film My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, Deku is forced to transfer One For All to Bakugo in order to defeat Nine. Deku initially refuses, knowing that it is too dangerous for soeone other than himself to take on the power of One For All. However, when Nine’s overwhelming power proves too much for Deku and his classmates to handle alone, he ultimately decides that it is the only way to save them. He then transfers One For All into Bakugo, who is able to use its incredible strength and power to put an end Nine’s villainous plans.

Bakugo’s Recipient of One For All

Bakugo gives One For All to Izuku Midoriya. In the series, One For All is an incredibly powerful Quirk that was passed down from All Might to Izuku, making him the ninth user of the Quirk. When Bakugo and Izuku come together during their fight, Bakugo grabs hands with Izuku and passes One For All back to him, restoring it in full power. This process reveals not only how One For All works but also shows a level of trust between the two characters. It’s a touching moment and one that sets up some interesting possibilities for future arcs in the series.

The Fate of One For All for Bakugo

No, Bakugo does not get One For All forever. After Midoriya passes out in All Might’s arms, One For All returns to Midoriya and leaves Bakugo. The quirk chose to return to its original owner and Bakugo wakes up with his arms broken, hving no memory of what happened or inheriting One For All. As a result, Bakugo does not permanently possess One For All.

Does Bakugo Possess One For All Indefinitely?

No, Bakugo does not have One For All forever. During the end of the series, he was temporarily given a transfer of One For All by Midoriya in order to defeat the villain, but it was only for a short period of time. Afterward, the Quirk returned to Midoriya and Bakugo no longer possessed it. This indicates that he is not able to permanently use One For All, as Midoriya is still the rightful owner of this power.

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Who Will Succeed Deku as the Heir to One For All?

After Deku inherits One For All from Nana Shimura, the mantle is passed down to the next user. This user is chosen by Deku based on the person’s potential to use the Quirk and protect others. The individual must also be smeone who Deku can trust to use it responsibly. Once this person is chosen, they will receive a strand of hair from Nana Shimura’s head, which allows them to inherit One For All and its powers. This process has been done multiple times since Nana first gave her hair to En. After Deku, subsequent users of One For All have included Tomura Shigaraki, Mirio Togata, Eri, and most recently Lemillion (Mirko).

Is All For One Still Alive?

Yes, All For One is still alive. He has a longevity Quirk that allows him to live for extended periods of time, making him virtually immortal. All Might mentioned in My Hero Academia that All For One’s life force is incredibly strong and he has been able to survive for centuries. This makes him one of the longest living characters in the series.

The Re-Emergence of Quirklessness in Deku

Yes, Deku is quirkless again at the end of the film. After using One For All to double-team against Nine and help Bakugo, Midoriya exhausts the Quirk’s power, leaving himself Quirkless. It is one of the costs Midoriya has to pay for using One For All to its fullest potential. As a result, he is back to being Quirkless like he was before All Might gave him One For All.

Is Deku the Final Holder of One For All?

Yes, Deku is the last user of One for All. All Might chose him to become the ninth and final wielder of the power, due to his strong desire to become a hero and his selfless spirit. Yoichi, the previous holder of One for All, believes that this power can only be handled by someone who was originally Quirkless, making Deku the last possible user of this power.

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The Possibility of Bakugo Becoming a Villain

No, Bakugo did not become a villain. While he is certainly an antagonist to Midoriya at the beginning of the anime, Bakugo’s character arc is one of growth and development. Throughout the series, he has moments whee he acts out of anger or frustration, but his overall journey is one of redemption and self-discovery. He learns to control his temper and to work with others instead of against them, ultimately becoming a hero in his own right. By the end of the series, Bakugo has become a force for good in the world, proving that he can be a hero without resorting to villainy.

The Final Ability of One For All

The last quirk of One For All is known as Transmission. It was previously owned by the second user of One For All, whose identity is stil unknown. This Quirk grants its user the ability to modify the speed of any objects they touch. With this Quirk, Deku has access to an impressive range of abilities such as speeding up or slowing down objects, allowing him to take control over their momentum and velocity. This makes it a powerful addition to his arsenal of Quirks and should provide him with an advantage in combat.

The Strength of Bakugo with One For All

Bakugo is a powerful fighter with One For All, able to fight on par with Izuku even when he’s only using 5% of its power. He was able to push back Izuku when the later was using 8%, but nearly lost the battle in the end. His strength and skill with One For All has only improved since then, making him a formidable opponent.

Does Bakugo Reach the Rank of Number 1?

No, Bakugo does not become the number one hero in My Hero Academia. Throughout the series, the narrative has consistently emphasized how Deku (the protagonist) is the only one with a chance of becoming the number one hero. For instance, in chapter 348 when All Might is explaining why he chose Deku as his successor, he says that “Deku was the only one who could become a symbol of peace.” This implies that Deku is special and destined for something more than Bakugo. Additionally, in the pilot of My Hero Academia All Might cearly states that “Deku can become a greater hero than me” which further confirms that Bakugo won’t be able to reach this level. Thus, it’s made clear that Bakugo will not become the number one hero and instead will have to settle for being second best.

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Is Bakugo the First User of One For All?

No, Bakugo is not the first user of OFA. The first user of One For All (OFA) was a young boy named Nana Shimura who lived during the Edo period in Japan. She was the one who discovered and developed the Quirk and passed it down to her successor, Yoichi Saiku. After Yoichi, the Quirk has been passed down from one generation to the next until it eventually reaches All Might and later Bakugo.
There is no indication that Bakugo had gone back in time and became the second user of OFA as theorized by some people, so it is likely that he is only the eighth known user of OFA.


In conclusion, Bakugo’s connection to One For All was a surprising development in My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising. After the DNA transfer of OFA from Deku to Bakugo, it gave them both a second wind to fight Nine. The transfer resulted in Bakugo falling unconscious and OFA returning to Izuku in full afterwards. Fans are eager to learn what this development could mean for the future of the series and how Bakugo’s new power will affect his relationship with the rest of Class 1-A. In any case, it is clear that Bakugo has becme an important part of One For All’s legacy and will undoubtedly have a major impact on the plot of My Hero Academia moving forward.

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