Bad Bunny and Rosalia: Following Their Destiny

Bad Bunny and Rosalía have been making headlines lately, as the two have been linked together since 2019. The Spanish-born singer and the Puerto Rican rapper have been spotted out together on seveal occasions, sparking rumors that they are in a relationship. Now, it seems that these rumors may be true, as the pair has officially come out as a couple.

The couple first sparked speculation of a romance when Bad Bunny posted a picture of them together on Instagram in 2019. He captioned the photo with “I think I fell in love” which only added fuel to the fire. The two denied any romantic involvement at that time, but were laer seen out on a dinner date in Los Angeles in August 2020.

The couple’s relationship was further cemented with the release of their song “La Noche De Anoche” earlier this year. They both teased their collaboration on social media with affectionate posts, which led many to believe that they were in fact dating. Finally, they confirmed their relationship on Valentine’s Day 2021 with a series of loving posts shared by each other across their social media accounts.

Since then, Bad Bunny and Rosalía have been flaunting their romance all over Instagram, sharing photos from romantic dates and music video sets around the world. Fans are thrilled for them, as their romance is cleary blossoming and inspiring some great music collaborations along the way!

Did Bad Bunny and Rosalía Have a Relationship?

Bad Bunny and Rosalía did not officially confirm a relationship, however in 2019 there were rumors that the two had formed a romantic relationship after Bad Bunny posted pictures of them together with the caption “I think I fell in love.” The rumors were quickly quashed but were briefly reignited in 2021 after the release of their collaboration song “La Noche De Anoche.” Ultimately, it appears that Bad Bunny and Rosalía are just good friends and collaborators.

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Are Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro Still in a Relationship?

Yes, Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro are still together. The couple have been spotted out together several times since fist sparking rumors in August of last year. They have kept their relationship private throughout their time together, however they have been seen attending red carpet events and award shows side-by-side. Most recently, the pair were spotted in New York City in October celebrating Rosalía’s birthday.

Engagement Status of Rosalía

Rosalía is currently engaged to fellow singer Rauw Alejandro. The two confirmed their relationship in 2021, less than a year after they started seeing each other. Rosalía is a Spanish singer, songwriter and music video director who has won seeral awards for her work, including two Latin Grammy Awards, five Latin Billboard Music Awards and one MTV Video Music Award. Rauw Alejandro is a Puerto Rican singer and songwriter who rose to fame with his hit single “Adicto” in 2019. He has since released numerous popular singles and collaborated with many artists, including Bad Bunny, J Balvin, Daddy Yankee and Natti Natasha.

La Rosalía’s Dating Life

La Rosalía, the Spanish singer-songwriter and Grammy-winning artist, is currently dating fellow Latin music superstar Rauw Alejandro. The couple recently made their relationship status public aftr they appeared together in a photoshoot for Puerto Rico’s Vogue magazine. Both singers are known for their chart-topping singles in the Latin music industry. La Rosalía has released two albums, “Los Ángeles” and “El Mal Querer”, while Rauw has become increasingly popular since his 2019 album “Afrodisíaco”. The two have collaborated together on the song “Dollar” and are both signed to Sony Music Latin. Fans of La Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro have been eagerly awaiting an official confirmation from the couple and now it appears that their relationship is going strong.

Exploring the Meaning of Rosalía’s Song ‘Todo De Ti’

Yes, “Todo de Ti” by Alejandro Sanz is about his partner Rosalía. The song is a love song that expresses the singer’s deep admiration and appreciation for Rosalía. In the lyrics, he describes how she accelerates his heartbeats and how he loves everything about her. The chorus states, “Es que me gusta todo de ti / De to’as tus partes, ¿cuál decido? / Es que me gusta todo de ti” whch translates to “I like everything about you / Out of everything about you, what can I choose? / I like everything about you.” These lyrics perfectly encapsulate the sentiment of unconditional love that Alejandro Sanz has for Rosalía.

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Is Rauw Alejandro in a Relationship?

Yes, Rauw Alejandro is currntly in a relationship with Spanish singer Rosalia. The couple made their relationship official on Rosalia’s 28th birthday, when she shared a couple of pictures of the duo on her Instagram handle. In the photos, Rosalia was seen in the arms of her boyfriend, and she captioned the post “BlisssssSSSS??? Libra, and blessed”.


In conclusion, Bad Bunny and Rosalia have sparked speculation about their relationship since 2019, when Bad Bunny posted a picture of them together with the caption “I think I fell in love.” Despite initially quashing the rumors, they were briefly reignited in February 2021 with the release of their song La Noche De Anoche. Since then, the two have been photographed out together and have been speculated to be dating for some time now. Although they continue to remain relatively private about their relationship, it appears that Bad Bunny and Rosalia are indeed an item.

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