What Do I Do With Ayatan Sculptures?

Ayatan Sculptures are a unique and highly sought-after commodity in the world of Warframe. These collectible items can be traded to Maroo at her Bazaar for varying amounts of Endo, or placed within the Orbiter as decorations. There are two types of Ayatan Sculptures – regular Sculptures, and smaller Stars which can be inserted into the larger Sculptures to increase their value.

Ayatan Sculptures have been around since 2013, when they were first introduced as part of Warframe’s “Rise of the Lotus” update. The sculptures are imbued with a mysterious energy that gives them a variety of properties, such as granting extra experience points when placed in the Orbiter or increasing Endo rewards when traded at Maroo’s Bazaar.

For those looking to acquire Ayatan Sculptures, there are several ways to do so. Players can find them scattered throughout various levels in Warframe, or craft them using resources found in-game. Additionally, special missions known as “Sanctuary Onslaught” will periodically spawn on planets that offer a chance for players to earn Ayatan Stars for completing an endurance-style challenge.

Ayatan Sculptures have become popular among players due to their versatility and usefulness in Warframe. Not only do they provide additional rewards and bonuses when used properly, but they also serve as an aesthetic addition to any player’s Orbiter or Bazaar set up. Whether you’re looking for a way to maximize your rewards from Maroo’s Bazaar or wanting to add some flair to your ship, Ayatan Sculptures should definitely be considered!

How Much Are Ayatan Sculptures Worth?

Ayatan Sculptures are worth a significant amount of platinum to the right person. Because of their vaue and somewhat awkward rarity, you can reliably sell filled Anasa Sculptures for anywhere between 12 platinum and 20 platinum each.

How Do You Put Ayatan Sculptures On Ship?

To place the sculpture, pull up your menu while in the orbiter. Then, click equipment > Landing Craft > Place Decoration. Then, find a good spot in your ship, and slap down that bad boy!.

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How Much Endo Does Anasa Give?

Anasa is a mod that requires two amber stars and two cyan stars. Fully upgraded, it rewards 3,450 endo.

Where Are Amber Stars Ayatan?

Amber stars are Ayatan treasures that can be found scattered througout the Corpus and Grineer systems. They have a rare chance to drop from destroying Storage Containers or opening up resource lockers. Some bounties in the Cambion Drift can reward a single Ayatan Amber Star for completing a stage.

Can You Trade Amber Stars?

Yes, you can trade amber stars.

Where Can I Find Ayatan Sculpture?

Ayatan sculptures can be found in plain sight on regular missions, though this has a rare chance of occurring. Amber Stars can occasionally be found from Storage Containers and lockers while Cyan Stars can only be found from Storage Containers.

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Where Are Ayatan Sculptures Reddit?

Ayatan sculptures are a type of ancient Orokin treasure that can be found in the game Warframe. They are scattered throughout the game world and can be difficult to find. A player can locate an Ayatan sculpture by using a detector such as Loot Radar or Fetch. Once the sculpture has been found, the player can claim it and add it to their collection.

Warframe PS4: What to do with Ayatan Sculptures

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