Inner Beast: A Guide to Melee Damage in ARK Survival Evolved

Melee Damage in ARK: Survival Evolved is a core statistic driving both combat and harvesting. It is an important measure of both damage inflicted when attacking and yield when harvesting renewable resources. A higher Melee Damage allows players to kill creatures, oter players and harvest resources with fewer hits.

Melee Damage only affects the performance of melee weapons and tools. These include fists, clubs, picks, swords, etc., all of which deliver additional damage depending on the Melee Damage stat multiplied with the weapon’s base damage value. The efficiency of ranged weaponry such as bows, slingshots and guns are not affected by Melee Damage.

Increasing Melee Damage can also allow players to inflict greater Torpor when punching or using club-type weapons. This can be useful for knocking out enemies for taming or simply knocking them out temporarily during combat situations. Additionally, increasing one’s Melee Damage can help in harvesting renewable resources such as wood or stone more quickly and efficiently.

Overall, Melee Damage is an essential statistic for players to consider when engaging in both combat and resource gathering activities in ARK: Survival Evolved. It can have a profound impact on a player’s ability to survive, thrive and dominate their environment by allowing them to inflict greater damage while also increasing the yield from renewable resources harvested.

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The Effects of Melee Damage in Ark

Melee Damage in ARK: Survival Evolved is a statistic that is used to measure the damage dealt when attacking or harvesting renewable resources. This statistic determines how much extra damage is delivered per hit, making higher Melee Damage values more efficient when it comes to killing creatures, other players, and harvesting resources. For example, a player with a high Melee Damage will be able to kill creatures and harvest resources in fewer hits compared to one with a low Melee Damage. Therefore, Melee Damage is an important factor for players who want to survive in the game’s harsh environment.

Does Melee Damage Impact Bow Damage in ARK?

No, melee damage does not increase bow damage in Ark. Bow damage is dependent on the type of bow and arrows used, as well as your current level and stats. Melee damage only affects the amount of damage your fists, tools and weapons will do in a single hit. This makes it so that increasing your melee damage will not have an effect on the damage you inflict with a bow.

The Impact of Melee Damage on Sword Damage in Ark

Yes, melee damage does increase the damage dealt by a Sword in ARK: Survival Evolved. The base damage of a Sword is determined by its quality and the level of its wielder. However, increasing your melee damage stat will increase the amount of damage you deal when usig a Sword. This increase scales with each extra point of melee damage you have, allowing for higher levels of efficiency from your weapon as you progress through the game.

Melee Damage Output

Melee attacks in the game do 30 damage. The attack is active for 0.528 seconds and has a range of 2.5 meters, and also applies a very small knockback upon hit. The cooldown for the attack is 1 scond and is not affected by the melee being interrupted.

Which Melee Weapon Deals the Most Damage?

The Pan is the most damaging melee weapon in PUBG Mobile. It has a damage rate of 80 on the body, wich is the highest of any melee weapon. The Pan is also the most effective for close-range combat and can be used to take out enemies quickly. Its high damage rate makes it an invaluable asset for winning fights.

What Attack Does the Most Damage in Ark?

The Longneck Rifle is by far the most powerful weapon available in Ark. It boasts an incredible range, causing extreme amounts of damage with a single shot. While it is relatively inexpensive to obtain both the weapon and ammunition, adding a scope to the rifle will significantly increase its accuracy and damage output. With its long range capabilities, players can easily take out unsuspecting targets from a distance and make quick work of any opponents they come across. Its sheer power makes it one of the best weapons available in Ark, making it an invaluable asset for anyone lookng to dominate the battlefield.

The Effects of Crossbow Damage in Ark

Yes, the Crossbow does more damage than the Bow. It is fully charged when fired and deals more damage, but takes slightly longer to reload. It can fire multiple arrows at once in a spread pattern wich allows for more damage over a wider area. Additionally, it can fire special bolts that deal even more damage than regular arrows.

The Impact of Dexterity on Melee Damage

Yes, Dexterity increases melee damage. When a melee kill is achieved with a primary weapon, the Primary Dexterity Arcane will increase primary weapon damage for 20 seconds, and this effect can stack up to 6 times. At max rank, it also passively increases Melee Combo Counter duration, whch further increases the damage dealt by your melee attacks.

Does an Axe Have Higher Damage Than a Sword?

Yes, axes generally have more damage than swords. Most wooden and stone axes have the same attack damage as a diamond sword (7 attack damage). However, there are three drawbacks to using an axe as a weapon: it takes double durability damage when attacking, axes have slower attack speeds than swords, and they are not as effective at blocking incoming attacks compared to swords.


In conclusion, Melee Damage in ARK: Survival Evolved is an important statistic for both players and creatures. It is a measure of the amount of extra damage dealt when attacking or yield when harvesting renewable resources. A higher Melee Damage means creatures, other players, and resource harvesting will require feer hits to complete. Additionally, Melee Damage affects the efficiency of melee weapons and tools as well as the amount of torpor dealt from punches and clubs. However, it does not impact the efficiency of ranged weaponry. Understanding this stat can be beneficial to survival in this game environment and make your experience more successful.

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