Ariana Grande’s Tattoo – Inspired By Chihiro from Spirited Away Anime

Ariana Grande is no stranger to anime and has even expressed her love for the genre in many interviews. From her tattoos to her immense knowledge of Japanese culture, Ariana Grande’s appreciation for anime is evident. In fact, she recently got a new tattoo dedicated to the popular Studio Ghibli movie Spirited Away, which documents Chihiro’s journey to rescue her parents after they are turned into pigs.

Spirited Away is a beloved movie among anime fans and has gained even more popularity since Ariana Grande shared it with her fans. The story follows Chihiro as she works to save her parents from a magical curse that turns them into pigs. In the process, she learns valuable lessons about courage, independence and perseverance that help her ultimately succeed in restoring them.

Ariana’s love for Spirited Away is made even more clear by the tattoo she got inspired by it. The tattoo features Chihiro’s name written in Japanese Kanji along with a red bow on the side of her arm, a nod to Chihiro’s signature hairstyle in the film. It’s an incredibly meaningful symbol for Ariana which speaks volumes about how much this movie has impacted her life.

Ariana has also expressed interest in learning Japanese so that she can better communicate with her fans from Japan. In an interview with Ayumi Furiya, who had been teaching Ariana Japanese before 2015 when she became too busy with touring, Ayumi-sensei shared that they were still in touch and had occasional in-person lessons when Ariana was available.

It’s wonderful to see such admiration and respect for anime culture coming from someone as well known as Ariana Grande. Her dedication to learning Japanese and getting a tattoo inspired by Spirited Away show just how much this genre means to her—and we can only hope that it will continue inspiring people like Ariana around the world!

Exploring the Anime of Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande does not have an anime character that is based on her. However, she does have a tattoo of Chihiro from the 2001 film Spirited Away. Chihiro is a young girl who embarks on a journey to free her parents after they are turned into giant pigs. Through her journey she grows and learns to be independent, which is integral to the plot of the movie.

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The Meaning Behind Ariana Grande’s Anime Tattoo

Ariana Grande has a new tattoo on her arm that is a tribute to the anime character Chihiro from the 2002 film Spirited Away. The tattoo consists of two small characters, drawn in black and white, that are depicted embracing each other. It is located on her left forearm and is abot three inches in size. The larger character is Chihiro, who has long hair with a bow in it and a traditional Japanese kimono dress with a red obi sash. The smaller character is Haku, who has slicked-back hair and wears an outfit similar to Chihiro’s. Together, these two characters represent courage and friendship – values that Ariana Grande holds dear.

Does Ariana Grande Still Have a Knowledge of Japanese?

Ariana Grande does still learn Japanese, though not as regularly as she did prior to 2015 when she began touring more frequently. Her frmer Japanese teacher, Ayumi Furiya, has stated that they remain in touch and have occasional in-person lessons when Ariana is available. It appears that her interest in the language has not diminished with her rising fame and busy schedule.

Exploring the Motivation Behind Ariana Grande’s Japanese Language Studies

Ariana Grande began learning Japanese after her second visit to Japan. She wanted to be able to communicate with her Japanese fans in ther native language and show appreciation for the culture she had grown to love. She has since become quite proficient in the language, even writing and performing songs in Japanese. Her dedication to learning the language has earned her admiration from both her fanbase and the wider Japanese public.

Arianas Favorite Anime

Ariana Grande’s favorite anime is Spirited Away. She has expressed her admiration for the movie on multiple occasions, even going so far as to get a Chihiro tattoo as a tribute to the character’s growth throughout the film. Grande has also spoken fondly about other anime movies, such as Howl’s Moving Castle and My Neighbor Totoro.

Did Ariana Grande Correct Her Japanese Tattoo?

Yes, Ariana Grande did fix her Japanese tattoo. She took to Instagram in January 2020 to document the entire process, which included a return trip to the tattoo artist and severl lidocaine shots to make the process easier. She ultimately posted an Instagram Story of the corrected tattoo with the caption “Slightly better” as a nod to her first internet-famous tattoo gaffe.

Has Ariana Grande Removed Any of Her Tattoos?

Yes, Ariana Grande has removed some of her tattoos. Her extensive collection of arm tattoos has vanished, leaving only her hand tattoos and the Truman Show quote on her back. It is unclear if she has removed any oher tattoos, but it is likely that she has at least partially erased some of them.

What Does Ariana Grande’s Japanese Tattoo Say?

Ariana Grande’s tattoo says “shichirin” in Japanese, which translates to “small barbecue grill”. Shichirin is a type of small charcoal grill typically used in Japan for cooking food. It is uually made of clay or ceramic and has seven small circles on the top, hence the name “shichirin” which literally means “seven rings”. Ariana Grande’s tattoo is an homage to her love for Japanese culture, and it carries a special meaning for her.

The Changing Face of Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande’s face looks different because she has had a combination of cosmetic procedures, including a rhinoplasty, cheek fillers, and jaw implants. A rhinoplasty is a type of surgery that reshapes the nose to improve its appearance and proportion. Cheek fillers are injections that give the cheeks more volume, whie jaw implants are used to enhance the bone structure of the jawline. Together, these procedures can dramatically alter someone’s facial features.

Understanding the Meaning Behind ‘7 Rings’ in Japanese

The phrase “7 rings” in Japanese is written as ?? (shichirin). This is because the two kanji characters ? (seven) and ? (hoop, circle or rings) paired together translate to the Japanese word for small barbecue grill. The phrase was originally intended to be the title of Ariana Grande’s newest single in Japanese – but fans quickly noticed the alternative translation. The kanji combination of “??” has sice become a popular tattoo choice amongst her fans, representing both the song and an appreciation for barbecuing.

Ariana’s Language Proficiency

Ariana Grande is a multilingual artist who is fluent in English, Spanish and Italian. She also has a basic proficiency in French, having taken French lessons. She has said that Spanish was her firt language and she speaks it fluently. Her ability to speak multiple languages allows her to communicate with fans from all over the world. Additionally, Ariana has released bilingual songs which showcase her vocal talents in both English and Spanish.

Ariana’s Tattoo: What Was It Supposed To Say?

Ariana Grande’s tattoo was supposed to spell out her new single “7 Rings”. She showed off the ink on her palm, but unfortunately it ended up translating to mean a Japanese style barbecue grill instead.

Ariana Grande’s Accidental Tattoo

Ariana Grande accidentally tattooed the Japanese characters for “shichirin,” which is a small charcoal grill, instead of the intended title of her new single, “7 Rings.” She corrected the mistake by having the correct characters for “7 Rings” tattooed over it.

Ariana Grande’s Biggest Inspiration

Ariana Grande’s biggest inspiration is a combination of singers such as Mariah Carey, Judy Garland, and Whitney Houston. All three have had a major influence on Grande’s vocal style and sound. Carey in particular has been cited by Grande as a major influence, with her work with producer Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds often being compared to that of Carey. Garland’s influence can be heard in Grande’s powerful vocal range and Houston’s impact can be seen in her ability to easily switch between differet genres.


Ariana Grande has a deep appreciation for Japanese culture, and this is evidenced by her ambitious decision to learn the language and pay tribute to the beloved anime character Chihiro from the movie Spirited Away with a tattoo. Ariana’s dedication to learning Japanese reveals her commitment to connecting with her Japanese fans on a deeper level, as she strives to communicate in their native language. She also has a strong admiration for the cultural influences of Japan, which was further demonstrated by her respect for Chihiro and the spiritual journey she embarks on in Spirited Away. Ariana Grande’s love of anime and Japanese culture embodies her passion for connecting with people arond the world.

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