Are wedding favors for each guest?

Answered by Willian Lymon

In my experience and opinion as a wedding expert, it is ideal and customary to provide wedding favors for every guest at the reception. This includes not only the wedding party, but also any children present and even the entertainers if they are hired for the event.

Wedding favors are small tokens of appreciation that are given to guests as a thank you for attending and celebrating the couple’s special day. They serve as a memento of the wedding and can add a personal touch to the overall experience. By providing favors for every guest, you ensure that no one feels left out or overlooked.

It is worth noting that children may appreciate and enjoy receiving a special and distinct favor that is tailored to their age and interests. This can make them feel included and valued as part of the celebration. It could be something fun and age-appropriate, such as small toys, coloring books, or personalized treats.

When it comes to the wedding party, it is customary to provide them with a separate and slightly more special favor to show gratitude for their efforts and support throughout the wedding planning process. This could be something more personalized or sentimental, such as engraved jewelry, monogrammed accessories, or customized items that reflect their role in the wedding.

As for the entertainers, it is a nice gesture to provide them with a token of appreciation as well. They play a crucial role in keeping the guests entertained and creating a lively atmosphere. This could be something related to their profession or a thoughtful gift that shows appreciation for their talent and hard work.

In terms of choosing the wedding favors, it is important to consider the overall theme and style of the wedding. The favors should align with the couple’s personality and preferences. They can range from practical items, such as mini succulents or personalized keychains, to more decorative and sentimental keepsakes, such as custom-made candles or engraved photo frames.

Some couples may opt for DIY favors to add a personal touch and save costs, while others may prefer to purchase ready-made favors to save time and ensure consistency. Regardless of the choice, it is important to ensure that the favors are of good quality and reflect the couple’s appreciation for their guests.

It is customary and ideal to provide wedding favors for every guest at the reception, including the wedding party, children, and entertainers. These favors serve as tokens of appreciation and add a personal touch to the overall wedding experience. By considering the individual needs and preferences of each group, you can ensure that everyone feels included and valued on this special day.