Are the Warframes human?

Answered by Willian Lymon

Are the Warframes human?

To answer this question, we need to delve into the lore and background of Warframes in the game Warframe. The Warframes are not human in the traditional sense, but rather, they are an intricate fusion of both technology and organic material. They are created using a specific strain of the Infestation known as Helminth, which is a parasitic organism capable of assimilating and mutating living beings.

The origins of the Warframes trace back to the Orokin era, a time when the Orokin Empire held dominion over the Origin System. The Orokin, a highly advanced and scientifically inclined civilization, sought to create powerful warriors to serve as their elite guards. In their pursuit of this goal, they experimented with infusing the Helminth strain into human subjects, primarily the Dax soldiers.

The Dax were an order of highly skilled warriors who served the Orokin Empire faithfully. However, they were chosen as test subjects for the Helminth experiment, which ultimately led to their transformation into the first Warframes. This process was undoubtedly a brutal and painful one, as the Helminth strain consumed and reshaped their bodies, effectively erasing their former identities.

The resulting Warframes retained some semblance of their original human form, but they were no longer truly human. Rather, they became powerful, biomechanical entities with unique abilities and powers. Each Warframe possesses a distinct set of skills and characteristics, reflecting the individuality of the Dax host from which they were created. However, it is important to note that the consciousness or personality of the original Dax soldier does not exist within the Warframe. They are mere shells, controlled by the Tenno, the players’ characters in the game.

The Tenno, a race of awakened children with extraordinary powers, are the true operators of the Warframes. They are capable of channeling their Void energy to manipulate and control these biomechanical suits of armor. The Tenno establish a mental connection with the Warframes, essentially becoming one with them during combat.

In terms of physical appearance, Warframes exhibit a mix of mechanical and organic elements. They possess sleek, futuristic designs with various armor plates, weapons, and unique attributes. The organic components of the Warframes, derived from the Helminth strain, pulsate with a strange, almost alien energy. The combination of these aspects gives Warframes their distinct and formidable appearance.

While Warframes are created using human subjects infused with the Helminth strain, they are not considered human in the traditional sense. They are powerful, biomechanical entities controlled by the Tenno, who are the true operators. The transformation process strips away the original humanity of the Dax soldiers, leaving behind only the physical remnants of their former selves. The Warframes are a fascinating fusion of technology and organic material, embodying the Orokin’s desire for ultimate warriors.