Are smaller zucchinis better?

Answered by Douglas Hiatt

In my opinion, smaller zucchinis are definitely better in terms of flavor. Let me explain why. When zucchinis are small, they have a fresh and mild flavor that is truly delightful. The texture is also delicate, making it a pleasure to bite into. The small seeds are barely noticeable, adding a subtle crunch without overpowering the taste of the vegetable itself.

On the other hand, larger zucchinis tend to lack flavor. In fact, some can even be slightly bitter. This is likely due to the fact that as zucchinis grow larger, their water content increases, diluting the taste. Additionally, larger zucchinis have larger seeds, which can be more noticeable and have a slightly unpleasant texture. The higher water content also contributes to a pulpier texture, which may not be as enjoyable to eat.

I remember one summer when I grew zucchinis in my backyard. At first, I was excited to see them grow rapidly, thinking that bigger would mean better. However, when I finally harvested some of the larger zucchinis, I was disappointed by their lackluster taste and texture. It was the smaller zucchinis that truly stood out in terms of flavor and overall eating experience. From that point on, I always preferred to pick zucchinis when they were still small and tender.

To illustrate the difference further, let’s consider a couple of dishes where zucchinis are commonly used. In a simple stir-fry, smaller zucchinis retain their fresh flavor and slight crunch, enhancing the overall dish. On the other hand, if you were to use larger zucchinis, their blandness and pulpy texture might detract from the dish, leaving it lacking in taste.

In terms of grilling zucchinis, smaller ones are again a better choice. Their delicate flavor can be easily complemented by a light marinade or seasoning, allowing the zucchini to shine. Larger zucchinis, on the other hand, might require more effort to infuse them with flavor and prevent them from becoming too watery.

When it comes to cooking, smaller zucchinis are also more versatile. You can easily slice them into thin rounds for salads or spiralize them into noodles as a healthy pasta alternative. Their small size makes them easier to handle and prepare in various ways.

To sum up, smaller zucchinis undoubtedly have a superior flavor compared to their larger counterparts. Their fresh, mild taste, delicate texture, and small seeds make them a pleasure to eat. So, the next time you find yourself faced with a choice between small and large zucchinis, I highly recommend opting for the smaller ones to truly savor their deliciousness.