Are rawhides good for teething puppies?

Answered by Robert Flynn

Rawhides are not recommended for teething puppies, as they pose several potential risks to their health. Puppies, especially those under six months old, have delicate teeth that are still developing. Rawhide treats are hard and can put excessive pressure on their teeth, increasing the risk of fractures or breaks. This can be a painful experience for the puppy and may require veterinary intervention.

Furthermore, young puppies have smaller mouths and narrower digestive tracts compared to adult dogs. Rawhide treats are often large and can be difficult for puppies to chew and swallow properly. Ingesting large pieces of rawhide can cause choking hazards or blockages in their digestive system, leading to serious health issues.

Personal experiences have shown me the potential dangers of rawhides for teething puppies. A friend of mine gave her four-month-old puppy a rawhide treat, thinking it would help with the teething discomfort. Unfortunately, the puppy ended up breaking a tooth while chewing on the hard rawhide. It resulted in a painful experience for the puppy and required a costly visit to the veterinarian to extract the broken tooth.

Instead of rawhides, there are safer alternatives available for teething puppies. Soft rubber or silicone chew toys specifically designed for puppies can provide relief for their teething discomfort. These toys are gentler on their developing teeth and are less likely to cause any dental issues. Additionally, frozen washcloths or specially designed teething toys can be soothing for puppies and help alleviate the discomfort they may be experiencing.

It is essential to consider the overall safety and well-being of our furry friends when choosing treats for them. While rawhides may be popular and readily available, it is best to err on the side of caution, especially when it comes to puppies. Waiting until they are at least six months old and have stronger teeth and a more developed digestive system before introducing rawhides is a responsible decision.

To summarize, rawhides are not suitable for teething puppies due to the potential risks they pose to their dental health and digestive system. It is recommended to opt for safer alternatives such as soft rubber or silicone chew toys, frozen washcloths, or teething toys specifically designed for puppies. Prioritizing the well-being and safety of our puppies should always be the primary concern when selecting treats for them.