Are knives bad luck as a wedding gift?

Answered by Ricardo McCardle

In my personal experience and based on folklore, it is believed that giving knives as a wedding gift signifies a broken relationship and is considered bad luck. The rationale behind this belief is that a knife is a sharp object that can potentially sever ties and relationships. It is considered inauspicious to give a gift that symbolizes the end or cutting off of a relationship during a joyous occasion like a wedding.

When it comes to wedding registries, it is not uncommon for couples to include knives as part of their desired gifts. However, if you are aware of the superstition surrounding knives as wedding gifts and still want to include them on your registry, there is a traditional solution. According to the folklore, if someone gives you a knife as a gift, you can “purchase” it from them by giving them a penny. By doing so, it is seen as a purchase rather than a traditional gift, thus avoiding any potential bad luck associated with receiving a knife as a present.

It’s important to note that superstitions and beliefs vary across different cultures and regions. What may be considered bad luck in one culture might not hold the same significance in another. So, it ultimately depends on the beliefs and customs of the couple and their families.

In my opinion, whether knives are considered bad luck or not, it is always thoughtful to consider the beliefs and superstitions of the couple when choosing a wedding gift. If you are uncertain about the superstitions surrounding knives, it might be best to opt for a different gift that is more universally accepted and doesn’t carry any negative connotations.

Ultimately, the decision to include knives on a wedding registry or give them as a gift is a personal one. It’s important to respect the beliefs and traditions of the couple and their families, while also considering your own intentions and the meaning behind the gift you choose to give.