Are Infinity cubes waterproof?

Answered by Robert Dupre

Infinity cubes are waterproof. The CUBE backpack, specifically designed for everyday use and outdoor activities like diving trips, is made from waterproof PVC material. This means that it is resistant to water and will protect your belongings from getting wet. Whether you are using the backpack for a city trip or going on an out of town adventure, you can trust that your items will stay dry, thanks to the waterproof design.

The waterproof PVC material used in the CUBE backpack is durable and can withstand the elements. This is especially important when going on diving trips where there is a high chance of water exposure. The waterproof nature of the backpack ensures that your gear and personal belongings are protected even in wet conditions.

In addition to the waterproof material, the CUBE backpack also features side clamp straps. These straps add an extra layer of protection, preventing water from seeping into the backpack through the sides. The side clamp straps can be tightened to create a secure seal, keeping your belongings dry even in heavy rain or when submerged in water.

Furthermore, the CUBE backpack is equipped with MOLLE type handles. MOLLE, which stands for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment, is a system used to attach additional gear or accessories to backpacks. The MOLLE handles on the CUBE backpack allow for customization and expansion, making it versatile for different activities and situations.

Whether you are exploring a city or going on a diving trip, the CUBE backpack is designed to meet your needs. Its waterproof PVC material, side clamp straps, and MOLLE type handles make it suitable for various environments and ensure that your belongings are protected from water damage.

In my personal experience, I have used the CUBE backpack on both city trips and outdoor adventures, including diving trips. It has proven to be reliable and kept my belongings dry even in challenging weather conditions. I appreciate its waterproof design and the added security provided by the side clamp straps. The MOLLE type handles have also been useful for attaching extra gear or accessories when needed. I highly recommend the CUBE backpack for anyone looking for a versatile and waterproof backpack for everyday use or outdoor activities.