Are Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson Friends?

Answered by Jeremy Urbaniak

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson have had a longstanding friendship and professional collaboration. Stiller has often spoken highly of Wilson, referring to him as a “really good friend.” However, Stiller has also expressed a desire to protect Wilson’s privacy, acknowledging that he doesn’t know everything about him.

The bond between Stiller and Wilson can be traced back to their early days in Hollywood. They first worked together on the sketch comedy show “The Ben Stiller Show” in the early 1990s. This collaboration laid the foundation for a friendship that has lasted for decades.

Their professional partnership continued with the critically acclaimed comedy film “Zoolander” in 2001, where Stiller directed and starred alongside Wilson. The movie became a cult hit and further solidified their on-screen chemistry. They went on to collaborate on several other projects, including the “Meet the Parents” franchise and “Starsky & Hutch.”

Stiller’s comments about protecting Wilson’s privacy suggest a level of respect and admiration for his friend. While they have worked together on numerous films, Stiller recognizes that Wilson’s personal life is his own and should be kept separate from their professional relationship.

It’s worth noting that Stiller’s comments about not knowing everything about Wilson may simply reflect the boundaries they have set in their friendship. Like any relationship, friendships can have different levels of openness and disclosure. Stiller may choose to focus on their shared experiences in the entertainment industry while respecting Wilson’s desire for privacy in other aspects of his life.

It is clear that Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson have a strong friendship that has endured over the years. They have collaborated on multiple successful projects and have spoken highly of each other in interviews. While Stiller has expressed a desire to protect Wilson’s privacy, it doesn’t diminish the bond they share.