Are Anhinga native to Florida?

Answered by Robert Flynn

The Anhinga is indeed native to Florida. It is a fascinating bird that can be found year-round in the state. However, its range extends beyond Florida and includes other coastal areas as well.

The Anhinga, scientifically known as Anhinga anhinga, is a waterbird that belongs to the darter family. It is commonly referred to as the snake bird or water turkey due to its long neck and snake-like appearance when swimming in the water. This unique bird has a sleek body and a sharp, pointed beak, which it uses to catch fish underwater.

While the Anhinga is a resident of Florida, it can also be found in other regions. Its range stretches from coastal sections of South Carolina to as far west as Texas and Mexico. Additionally, the Anhinga can be seen in parts of Central and South America, including countries like Argentina. This wide distribution indicates that the Anhinga is not exclusive to Florida but can be found in various habitats across the Americas.

Personally, I have had the opportunity to observe Anhingas in Florida, particularly in the Everglades National Park. The sight of these birds perched on branches near the water, with their wings spread out to dry, is truly captivating. Their unique hunting techniques, which involve diving underwater to catch prey, make them a remarkable species to observe.

The Anhinga is native to Florida and can be found in the state year-round. However, it also inhabits other coastal areas from South Carolina to Texas and even extends its range southwards to Argentina. Its distinctive appearance and interesting behaviors make it a fascinating bird to encounter in the wild.