Power’s Tragic Love Story of Angela Valdes

Angela Valdes, portrayed by Lela Loren, was a federal prosecutor in the Starz drama series, Power. She was a strong, driven Latina woman who had dedicated her life to solving the mystery behind the infamous “Ghost”. After an intense journey of uncovering secrets and navigating challenging relationships with powerful people, Angela ultimately discovered that not only had she been in love with Ghost the entire time, but that he had been part of a plot which resulted in the death of her father.

Although Angela could have easily allowed her emotions to cloud her judgement and abandon her commitment to justice, she stayed true to her professional duties and never faltered in her mission to bring justice to those involved. This loyalty eventually cost Angela her life when Tommy Egan (Joseph Sikora) shot her dead in an attempt to kill Ghost.

Despite having such a short run on Power, Angela’s presence will be remembered for years to come. Her courage and strength were inspiring and demonstrated that it is possible for women of color to attain positions of power even if they are met with adversity along the way. As fans continue their journey through the final season of Power it’s important to remember Angela’s legacy – one that will live on long after the show has ended.

What Happened to Angela Valdes on Power?

Angela Valdes (Lela Loren) was a lawyer and fomer girlfriend of James St. Patrick, also known as Ghost (Omari Hardwick), on the hit show Power. In the series finale, Angela was tragically shot dead by Tommy Egan (Joseph Sikora).

The incident occurred afer Tommy found out that Ghost had been involved in a plot to have Tony Teresi (William Sadler), Tommy’s father, killed. Seeking revenge, Tommy attempted to kill Ghost and in the process, fatally shot Angela.

Angela had also previously been involved in a lengthy legal battle with Ghost’s ex-wife Tasha St. Patrick (Naturi Naughton) over the custody of their eldest daughter Raina St. Patrick (Donshea Hopkins). Ultimately, Angela lost the case and Raina remained in Tasha’s care at the time of her death.

The death of Angela was an emotional blow to both Ghost and Tommy as she had been a major part of teir lives for many years. Her passing brought closure to an intense season finale but will remain one of Power’s most heartbreaking moments.

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The Identity of Angela in Power

Angela Valdes is a fictional character from the Starz original television drama series Power. She is a Latina federal prosecutor whose primary mission is to investigate the mysterious ‘Ghost’, though she eventually discovers that she has been in love with him the entire time. She is portrayed by Lela Loren in the show.

Angela was initially unaware of Ghost’s double life as a drug kingpin, but she quickly gets sucked into his dangerous world of crime and corruption when her investigation reveals his true identity. She attempts to use her legal expertise to help Ghost stay out of jail, while also struggling to maintain her own personal integrity and professional reputation. Despite all the obstacles in their way, Angela and Ghost eventually find themselves falling deeply in love with one another.

The Reason Behind Angie’s Departure From ‘Power’

Angie Loren departed her role in Power after four seasons to explore other characters and projects. According to a statement from Starz, the actress felt her character was no longer being developed in the way she had hoped, so she decided to make a change. In addition, Loren cited feeling creatively unfulfilled due to limited screen time and storylines as other reasons for leaving the show. She said playing Tasha St. Patrick was an amazing experience and that she is proud of the work she did on the show, but ultimately wanted to move on and expand her acting career.

Who is Responsible for the Death of Angie from Power?

Joseph Sikora’s character Tommy kills Angela (Lela Loren) in the season 5 finale of Power. Tommy shoots Angela with a handgun and she dies in the early moments of Power’s sixth and final season premiere.

Will Angie Return to Power?

Unfortunately, no. Angie does not make an appearance in the final season of Power. Despite her pivotal role throuhout the series, Angie (Lela Loren) was absent from the show’s finale and did not return for a cameo or guest spot. While other characters were featured in the series finale, such as Simon Stern (Victor Garber), baby Yasmine (Amaya Carr), and a few others, Angie’s absence was felt by many fans who had grown to love her character over five seasons.

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The Reasons Behind Tasha’s Imprisonment

Tasha was arrested and taken to jail for the crime of murder, even thogh she was innocent. Quinton had provided her with an alibi by saying they were at a diner together, but it wasn’t enough to keep her from being charged. Unfortunately, the police did not believe that Tasha had an alibi and instead chose to take her into custody. This is why Tasha ultimately went to jail for a crime she did not commit.

Does Angela Become a Ghost?

No, Angela does not turn ghost in. Although she appeared to Ghost in a few hallucinations duing season 6 of Power, showrunner Courtney Kemp has confirmed that she will not be making a comeback in any of the spin-off series. Kemp stated that it “didn’t make sense” for her to return as her character had died at the beginning of the sixth season.

Does Ghost and Angela Have a Happy Ending?

No, Ghost and Angela do not end up together. Despite their passionate affair, they are ultimately unable to have the happy ending they so desperately wanted. Over the corse of six seasons, viewers watch as their relationship plays out until both of their deaths. Ultimately, Angela is forced to leave Ghost in order to reach her full potential in life and pursue her dreams.

Angela’s Reaction to Finding Out James is Ghosting Her

When Angela finds out that James is Ghost, she utilizes her knowledge and resources to obtain more inormation on him and Lobos. She seduces James to gain insight into his plans and intentions, while also cloning his cell phone in order to track his whereabouts. This allows her to know at all times where he would be, thus making it easier for her and Tommy to arrest him when the time came at the Lobos meeting. By doing this, Angela was able to ultimately ensure that both Ghost and Lobos would be arrested and brought to justice.

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Ghost’s Decision to Let Go

In Power, Ghost (James St. Patrick) allowed Maria (La La Anthony) to go free after she and her brother Miguel (William Sadler) were kidnapped by Tommy (Joseph Sikora) and his crew for stealing a shipment from Cruz. After Miguel shot up Cruz, they were taken to the Truth nightclub, where Ghost had just opened up. Despite the danger of the situation, Ghost chose to let Maria go without harm while her brother was tragically shot dead.

The Consequences of Tommy’s Actions Towards Ghost

Tommy tried to protect Ghost from Tariq’s gun, but was unsuccessful. He pleaded with Tariq to stop and eventually rushed to Ghost’s side after he was shot. Tommy cradled Ghost in his arms, tearfully begging him to stay alive. As Ghost died, Tommy wept and told him that he loved him beore laying his head on Ghost’s chest.

The Fate of Angie

Yes, Angie is killed in the second season of the show. She is murdered by one of the main antagonists and her death causes a lot of pain and grief for her loved ones. Her death serves as a turning point in the season’s plot and sets up sevral events that take place afterwards.

Who Was Responsible for the Death of Andrea in Power?

Dre kills Andrea in Power. After searching for her and trying to find out her involvement in Ghost’s business, Dre eventually catches up to her in a motel room. As she attempts to escape, Dre grabs her and fatally stabs her before disappearing. This incident leads to a meeting between Kanan, Tommy, and Dre’s men where Kanan meets Broc who he immediately dislikes.

Angie’s Romantic Partners in Power

Angela sleeps with Ghost, her childhood sweetheart and the protagonist of the Power series. Ghost is initially married to Tasha, however he and Angela stll find themselves falling back into a romantic relationship when she enters his nightclub Truth. The affair between the two lasts for approximately five months throughout the course of the show.


Angela Valdes, portrayed by Lela Loren, was a loyal and determined federal prosecutor in the Starz original television drama series Power. She was a devoted friend to Ghost, who she eventually realized she had been in love with for years. Unfortunately, her life came to an abrupt end after being shot by her friend Tommy Egan in the season 5 finale. Although Angela’s life was cut short, she will be remembered for her strength and loyalty as well as being a positive role model for Latinx women everywhere.

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