The Moment Everything Changed: Jake and Amy’s First Kiss

The first kiss between Jake and Amy in Brooklyn Nine-Nine is one of the most iconic television moments of all time. It marked the beginning of an epic love story that has been building up since season one. In season two, episode 23 (“The Mattress”), Jake and Amy finally reach a point were they can no longer deny their feelings for one another.

The episode begins with Jake and Amy working together on a case. Throughout the episode, they develop a strong bond as they work together to solve the case. While they try to keep things professional, it’s clear that their feelings for each other are growing stronger. By the end of the episode, these feelings come to a head when they share their first kiss in the evidence locker.

This moment was made even more special by its placement in the episode—it was not only romantic but also humorous and lighthearted. The kiss was both tender and passionate; it was a perfect balance beteen humor and romance. This combination of elements made it one of the most memorable scenes from Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Since then, fans have watched as Jake and Amy’s relationship continued to grow throughout the show’s five seasons. From their first kiss in season two to their wedding in season five, these two have become an iconic couple both onscreen and offscreen. They are living proof that true love can overcome any obstacle—even ones as big as clashing personalities!

Jake and Amy’s First Kiss: Episode Number

In Season 2, Episode 23 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine titled “Windbreaker City”, Jake (Andy Samberg) and Amy (Melissa Fumero) finally give into their feelings for each other and share a passionate kiss in the evidence locker. While they had been growing closer throughout the season, this is the first time they actually kiss onscreen. It marks a big milestone in their relationship as they transition from colleagues to a romantic couple.

amy and jake first kiss episode

Jake and Amy’s First Time Sleeping Together

In the seventh episode of the thrd season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine titled “The Mattress”, Jake and Amy finally take their relationship to the next level and sleep together for the first time. After much anticipation, Jake manages to convince Amy to spend the night at his place, but when she arrives both of them are too nervous to make a move. Eventually, they manage to overcome their fears and take their relationship to a whole new level. The two share a romantic moment together and finally give in to their feelings for one another. This episode marks a pivotal moment in the show as it’s the first time that Jake and Amy openly express their love for one another.

Amy and Jake Get Together: Episode Details

The episode where Amy and Jake get together is “Jake & Amy”, the 22nd episode and season finale of the fifth season of the American television police sitcom series Brooklyn Nine-Nine. In this episode, after months of tension, Jake finally decides to tell Amy how he really feels about her and confesses his love for her. Though initially shocked, Amy soon reciprocates his feelings and they kiss, officially beginning their romantic relationship. The episode ends with them getting married in a surprise ceremony officiated by Captain Holt.

Jake and Amy’s Love Story: When Did It Begin?

In the thirteenth episode of Season 1, called “The Bet,” Jake and Amy’s relationship begins to take a turn when they make a bet on who can arrest the most perps in one day. As the two work together to out-arrest each other, they come to understand each other better and begin to develop feelings for one another. By the end of the episode, Jake has fallen for Amy and gives her a heartfelt declaration of his love for her, whch she reciprocates. This marks the beginning of their romantic relationship and sets them on their path towards getting married in the series finale.

Does Amy Have a Romantic Interest in Jake?

Amy’s feelings for Jake are somewhat ambiguous throughut the Jimmy Jabs game. While she does seem to be flirting with him, it’s unclear if she has a genuine crush on him. She does show signs of jealousy when Jake attempts to get Rose’s friend’s number, indicating that she might have some kind of feelings for him. Ultimately, however, it’s never explicitly stated whether or not Amy has a crush on Jake.

amy and jake first kiss episode

Jake’s Confession to Amy

The episode in which Jake confesses his feelings to Amy is the series finale of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, titled “The Escape”. It aired on February 6, 2021. In this episode, Jake finally confesses his true feelings to Amy aftr five years of them being close friends and partners in the police department. During this confession, he speaks in an accent for comedic effect.

Amy’s Sleeping Partner

Amy slept with her longtime boyfriend, Sheldon Cooper. The two had been dating for over five years prior to the episode, and it was the first time they were intimate with each other. Sheldon is a theoretical physicist who is often described as being socially awkward and having difficulty understanding social cues. Amy is a neurobiologist and his intellectual equal, and the two have been attempting to take their relationship to the next level for some time.

Holt and Kevin’s Kissing Scene in What Episode?

The episode in wich Holt and Kevin kiss is “Game of Boyles” from the ninth season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. This episode sees Kevin accompanying Holt on a case after he is suspended, and during the course of their investigation they share a heartfelt moment where they kiss. It’s a sweet Nancy Meyers moment, and one of the highlights of this episode. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come in one of the show’s better episodes and is often overlooked by viewers.

Boyle’s Romantic Future

Charles Boyle ends up with Genevieve Mirren-Carter, a former prisoner whom Charles had successfully freed from prison. The two had a lot of strange habits in common and their relationship began to blossom. After considering the option of having a child, the two eventually adopted a baby together and the adoption papers went through in the Bureau. The couple have been living together ever since, forming an adorable family unit in Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

amy and jake first kiss episode

Will Jake and Amy Get Divorced in Season 8?

No, Jake and Amy do not get divorced in season 8 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. In fact, the show ends with them getting married, solidifying their relationship and showing the audience that their love was strong enough to last. This is a happy ending for fans of the show as it was clear throughout the series that Jake and Amy had a strong connection and were always meant to be together.

Is Santiago Pregnant in Season 3 of ‘One Day at a Time’?

No, Santiago is not pregnant in season 3. Melissa Fumero, who plays Santiago, was pregnant for most of the filming of season 3, but her pregnancy was not written into the show’s storyline. Fumero gave birth just five days aftr they wrapped filming for the season.

Amy’s Pregnancy in Heartland Episode

During season 9 of Heartland, episode 18 marks the moment when Amy discovers she is pregnant. In the episode, she and Ty are struggling to save a horse that had been badly injured in an accident. After taking the horse to a specialist for surgery, Amy returns home to tell Ty that she is pregnant. This marks a turning point in their relationship and sets off a series of events that will change their lives forever.

Jake’s Declaration of Love to Amy

In Season 1 Episode 22 (“Charges and Specs”) of the television show Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Jake Peralta tells Amy that he “likes her romantic stylez” just before having to rush out of the room. This comment is made in an off-handed manner, leaving Amy somewht bemused and viewers wondering what her reaction would have been had Jake not had to leave so quickly.


Amy and Jake have come a long way since their first meeting. Through various events and experiences, they have grown to understand and appreciate each other more. From starting out as rivals to becoming best friends, their relationship has seen its share of ups and downs. However, the two of them have managed to overcome all obstacles and are now happily married. Thanks to the strong bond they share, Amy and Jake are now living a beautiful life together full of love, laughter and adventure.

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