Aether Scope Parts Locations Explained

Aetherscope is an essential piece of equipment in the Black Ops Cold War Zombies game. This device is essential for navigating the intricate and dangerous zombie apocalypse world. It allows players to detect enemies, uncover hidden objects and uncover clues to progress in the game.

In order to build the Aetherscope, three parts need to be collected throughout the game. These can be found:

  • Atop of the crashed plane at the crash site
  • Within the Pack-A-Punch room/Particle Accelerator
  • Underneath the stairs in The Yard

The Aetherscope has a variety of features that make it invaluable for surviving in this post-apocalyptic world. It provides a significant advantage when it comes to detecting enemies and uncovering hidden objects, as well as providing a source of information when trying to progress through levels. Additionally, its advanced navigation system helps players find their way around more easily and makes it easier to avoid dangerous areas or traps.

Moreover, the Aetherscope allows players to access powerful weapons and other useful items scattered throughout each level. This means that with this device, players are able to unlock new abilities that help them defeat their opponents more effectively or progress through levels faster than ever before! Finally, with its detailed maps and tracking abilities, Aetherscope helps players plan their strategies more efficiently and accurately than ever before!

Where Do I Get The Aether Scope Parts?

There are three Aetherscope parts that need to be collected in order to build the device. The first is located on top of the Crashed Plane at the Crash Site. The second is located in the Pack-A-Punch room/Particle Accelerator. Finally, the last one is located in the Yard under the stairs.

aether scope parts locations

How Many Aether Scope Parts Are There?

There are three parts to the Aetherscope.

How Do You Make An Aether Scope?

To make an Aetherscope, the player must first find all of the pieces to the workbench. The pieces are scattered around the map, and can be found in the following locations:
– Under the Pack-a-Punch area
– Near the power switch in the spawn room
– In a small room near the speed cola machine
– Near generator 3 in the power room
Once all of the pieces are collected, they can be put together at the workbench. This will create an Aetherscope, which can then be used to complete the Easter egg.

What Do I Do After I Get The Aether Scope?

Assuming you’ve done everything else, you’ll likely find the Aether Portal in the Medical Bay. So the Aetherscope basically works hand in hand with another item – Doctor Vogel’s Diary. So your primary challenge once you get the scope should be to go back into the Aether and then going to the Medical Bay.

The fist thing you need to do is find Doctor Vogel’s Diary. It can be found in a few different places, but it’s usually in the Laboratory or in the Infirmary. Once you have it, go to the Medical Bay and use it on the portal. This will open up a new area on the map called “Aether.”

aether scope parts locations

Once you’re in the Aether, your goal is to find five different items: a power cell, a circuit board, a crystal, an energy orb, and a valve wheel. The first four are easy enough to find – they’re all pretty well-marked on your map. The fifth one can be a bit tricky, but it’s usually not too hard to spot if you explore around a bit.

Once you have all five items, go back to the Medical Bay and use them on the portal. This will create a new area on your map called “Vogel Laboratories.” Go there and use the scope to finish the game.

Black Ops Cold War Zombies – How to Get All Aether Scope Parts

Why Is The Aether Portal Not Spawning?

The Aether Portal is not spawning because the player is not able to see it. The issue could be resolved by building the ‘Aether scope’. Once the scope is built, the portals can be seen by the players. Three essential parts are required to build the Aether Scope.

What Does Ather Tool Do Zombies?

Aether tools are incredibly powerful weapons that can deal massive damage to zombies. They are so powerful, in fact, that they can instantly increase the rarity of any weapon you pick them up with.

Where Are The Anomalies In Cold War?

There are tree anomalies in the Cold War level: one in the Control Room, one in the Particle Accelerator, and one next to the Workbench.

What Is The Dark Aether In Zombies?

The Dark Aether is a powerful and malevolent force that was created when the Primis crew used the Kronorium to travel back in time and prevent Richtofen from completing his Grand Scheme. This new universe is unstable, and the Dark Aether is seeping into it, corrupting everything it touches. The Dark Aether is a nightmarish realm where reality is twisted and distorted. It is home to the undead, wich are driven mad by the power of the Dark Aether. The Dark Aether is a terrible place, and it is up to the Primis crew to stop it from spreading any further.

How Do I Get To The Aether?

To get to the Aether, you need to make a portal frame out of Glowstone. After that, you have to fill the frame with water by right clicking it with a bucket. When the water is in the frame, you need to light it on fire with a flint and steel. After that, step into the frame and you’ll be teleported to the Aether.

aether scope parts locations

How Do You Pick Up The Aether Tool?

In order to pick up the Aether tool, players must first interact with it. After doing so, the rarity of the weapon they are holding will be upgraded, making it more powerful in the process.

Why Can’t I Pick Up The Aether Tool?

The Aether Tool is a powerful and rare item that can only be found in select locations. It is capable of upgrading the rarity of a weapon carried by the player when it is picked up. However, the Aether Tool canot be picked up if a weapon has already reached the Legendary rarity. This is because the Legendary rarity is the highest possible rarity for a weapon and the Aether Tool cannot provide any further upgrades.

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