All good things come from our planet Earth, our food, medicines, shelter and clothing. No matter what our nation of origin is, our culture, our religion or political beliefs, we all share the water, the air, the Earth.

Our bodies are made up of the same minerals and elements as the Earth, and like her, we are mostly made of water. The oxygen we breathe comes from her trees and plants. 

Our survival is linked to hers, and she is suffering from unprecedented damage and impacts to health & habitat. She is our HOME, and we have no other. Neither do our children. Let us heal ourselves enough to join together to work together responsibly, and ensuring our children a safe and sane future.

Radiation plume projected growth YouTube clip

Radiation plume growth up to 11/11/11 YouTube clip

These maps shows the spreading plume of radioactive seawater from the crippled nuclear reactors at Fukushima, Japan. They were destroyed when a tsunami wave caused a loss of electrical service at the reactor site, leading to meltdown of multiple reactors.

A number of reactors are constructed in the same way in the United States, leading to growing concern about public safety in the event of another extreme weather or terrorist attack.

Germany has made the choice to completely phase out nuclear power, making the largest investment in its energy infrastructure since World War II.

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