Nuclear Weapons

As of March 2012, there were 20,500 nuclear weapons in the world, according to the Federation of American Scientists

Nation                   First Test Yr         # Warheads

United States           1945                          8,500

Russia                     1949                        11,000

United Kingdom        1952                            225

France                     1960                            300

China                       1964                            240

Israel                        1967?                     75-200

India                         1974                       80-100

Pakistan                   1998                       90-110

N. Korea                   2006                            5-6

The greatest fear in current times is the whearabouts of abandonned and stolen radioactive material as the Soviet Union collapsed and black markets flourished. Another growing issue is one of accidental detonation or sabotage, as wars become more robotic and dependent on transmission systems.

On March 30, 2012, the Washington Post announced that the Pentagon would spend $3.4 billion in the next year to develop a new generation of cyber weapons capable of disrupting enemy networks such as air defense even when they are off-line, using radio signals to insert computer code. Iran's nuclearcentrifuge program has been widely sabotaged by similar computer infiltration last year.

Much of the last 60 years were spent in "The Cold War" with the U.S. and Russia brandishing their nuclear weapons at each other, sometimes from afar, and sometimes making daring forays into each other's territory, such as the Cuban Missile Crisis, or US attempts to site anti-ballistic missiles in Eastern Europe. Not wanting to be caught in between, China, France and England developed their own weapons programs. India and Pakistan have now raised the stakes of their border skirmishes with nuclear weapons.  

Israel has been extremely secretive about its own program until recently, but is now trading nuclear threats with Iran. Each claims that the other is out to anihilate them. In January, 2012, Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, deputy director of Iran's uranium enrichment plant, was murdered along with his body guard when two motorcyclists attached a magnetic bomb to his car, making him the 5th Iranian nuclear scientist to die in recent years. Israel's Mossad is widely credited with the killings, possibly with U.S. help.

Yet, according the the Feb. 27, 2012 Christian Science Monitor, "American intelligence agencies agree that Tehran hasn't yet decided to go for a nuclear bomb - and that even if it chose to, it would take years to create one and the means to deliver it. Israeli intelligence is also reported to have reached the same conclusion."

“A country which has dangled the sword of nuclear holocaust over the world for half a century and claims that someone else invented terrorism is a country out of touch with reality.” --John K. Stoner, 2001

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