HOME's Test Site Vision Project

Encouraging Public Comment and Independent Stakeholder Review of the Draft Site-Wide Environmental Impact Statement  for the Nevada Nuclear Test Site

Downloadable versions of project documents, HOME comments and NTS Public Information Brief on the Downloads page.

In 2011, HOME engaged in a rare opportunity for the public to help envision the future of the Nevada Test Site (NTS). On July 22, 2011, the Dept. of Energy (DOE) released the 10 Year Plan for the Nevada Test Site (now also called the Nevada National Security Site or NNSS) in the form of a Site-Wide Environmental Impact Statement (SWEIS), under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).  The plan also includes several sites on the outskirts of Las Vegas as well as the Tonopah Test Range.

The last complete NTS Environmental Impact Statement was issued in 1996. New programs for environmental management, weapons development, multi-agency training and commercial alternative energy have been developed since then, and some observers, including the State of Nevada, feel that adequate review did not take place  as it should have before program implementation began. That makes this review even more important. 

Through media coverage, magazine and newspaper ads, email blasts, flyers, our Facebook page, personal presentations and this website, HOME contacted many organizations, tribal groups, scientific experts, public figures and individuals to encourage their presence at all meetings as well as their submission of comments in person, on line, or in writing. HOME also maintained a table at all DOE meetings to speak with the public and hear their questions and opinions directly. Responding to the issues of greatest concern as stated by the public that we heard from, HOME drafted four pages of Talking Points and Sample Letters for further dissemination and outreach, to encourage additional people to express their concerns and participate. 

This project was supported primarily by the Community Involvement Fund of the New Mexico Community Foundation, funded by the Department of Energy for public outreach to affected communities around DOE Environmental Management issues.

This project is primarily funded by the Community Involvement Fund of the New Mexico Community Foundation, through the Department of Energy (DOE). HOME greatly appreciates the DOE's commitment to assisting community groups in their efforts to involve the public in democratic decision-making and oversight of the Environmental Management clean-up process at DOE nuclear weapons sites around the nation.

The NTS SWEIS includes 3 basic options for the future of the Nevada Test Site:

  • Status Quo ( the No Action Alternative)
  • Expanded Operations
  • Reduced Operations

HOME's role has been 3-fold:

  • Outreach: to encourage widespread stakeholder participation, independent review of the documents, discussion and comment submission,
  • Advocacy: to listen to the public's concerns about these issues, compile and present them concisely to the communities, media, elected officials and the DOE, and 
  • Expertise: to submit our own extensive technical comments, based on over 20 years of scientific review of Test Site programs.

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Downloads page for project documents, HOME comments and NTS Public Information Brief.

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