Amargosa Valley Well Owners and Spring Sites

Many thanks to the resourceful and generous people of Amargosa Valley who assisted with this project for over a year in many different ways.  Special thanks goes to Mel Bauer and Shelley Kadrmas who developed the draft well site list, made recommendations, and helped with publicity and logistics. See Map of Sites (with corresponding site numbers).

1. Warren Cady, above

2. Mae Vassar & some of her frog collection, right

3. Mel Bauer

4. Kadrmas family (not shown)

5. Jim Quirk

6. Buck Bray and granddaughter Sophie

8. Curt Stengel

9. Jan Cameron, closest to the Test Site. Uranium isotope anomalies found here, but still within safe standards.

10. Rose Family (Not shown)

11. George Rice, hydrologist, sampling pH levels at Fairbanks Spring.

12. The center of Longstreet Spring