HOME Projects

HOME has conducted many projects over the years. The most recent is the 2011-2012 Nevada Test Site Vision Project. Many details can be found here and on our downloads page. Details of past projects will be added to this site as time allows. 

Some projects are:

The Yucca Mountain Legacy Project

Hazardous Materials Transportation Study for Southern Inyo Fire Department

This project was an independent field study and analysis of HazMat and nuclear waste trucks heading to the Nevada Test Site and the Beattty U.S. Ecology HazMat dump along the CA 127 corridor in Inyo County, to determine what kinds of specialized equipment and protective gear would be needed by local First Responders.

Annual High School Nuclear Waste Writing Contest 

First Prize in this contest resulted in the winners joining the staff and volunteers of Alliance for Nuclear Accountabilty groups from all around the U.S. for the annual spring lobbying effort, ANA DC Days.

HOME's Museum to End the Nuclear Age

A traveling museum of the nuclear age in a 30 foot RV designed by a museum design specialist. Interior velcro cloth booths can be quickly customized for any topic or audience.