Who We Are

Jennifer Olaranna Viereck, Executive Director, Treasurer, Founding Board Member

 Jennifer O. Viereck has been involved in human rights, environmental justice, and indigenous land rights all her life.  She was Coordinator for Nuremberg Actions from 1988 – 1994, a coalition of groups concerned with international law and US militarism.  Through the Healing Global Wounds Alliance, 1991 – 2000, she helped        coordinate an international coalition through an understanding of ‘nuclear colonialism’ as the policy of all world nuclear powers.  She was an Advisory Board member of the Citizen’s Monitoring and Technical Assistance Fund, which distributed over $6 million in community grants since 1998 for independent scientific study of Dept. of Energy sites. 

Darlene Graham, Founding Board Member 

 Darlene Graham is a home health care professional and Traditional Shoshone Healer, Sundancer and Ceremony Leader. As a member of the Duckwater Shoshone Tribe, immediately downwind of the Nevada Nuclear Test Site, she has witnessed the sometimes fatal effects of radiation on three generations of her immediate family: parents, siblings and children. Darlene also makes and sells her own line of health care products using traditional Native herbal remedies.  She has been a Sun Dancer, Sweatlodge leader and Vision quest guide for over 12 years.  She is the new Executive Director of PooHaBah Native Healing Center, founded by Corbin Harney.

Judy Treichel, Board Member

 Judy Treichel is a founder and executive director of the Nevada Nuclear Waste Task Force since 1987.  In that capacity she has been an expert presenter at national and international conferences and works as a liaison between the public interest community and the federal government agencies involved in nuclear weapons, reactor and waste issues.  Prior to working on nuclear waste issues she was actively involved in social justice and environmental organizations.

Steve Frishman, Board Member 

Steve Frishman has been the Technical Policy Coordinator consultant for the Nevada Agency for Nuclear Projects since 1987.  Previously, he was the Director of the Texas Nuclear Waste Programs Office.  He had also served on the Texas Energy and Natural Resources Advisory Council and was a Commissioner of the Texas Coastal and Marine Council.  He received his BA degree in Geology from Clark University and his MA in Geology from the University of Texas at Austin.

John Hadder, President, Founding Board Member 

 John Hadder is the Nevada Programs Director at our Reno NV office, including HOME's Nuclear Education and Activism Program. He is a professor of chemistry, and an expert on federal nuclear and hazardous materials programs. He has also helped sponsor nuclear awareness and networking through the Campus Greens at UNR, the Sierra Interfaith Peace Coalition, and theater groups.  He is currently serving on the Board of Directors for the national alliance for Nuclear Accountability.

Molly Johnson, Vice President, Board Member 2000- current

 Molly Johnson is a Board member of Earth Day Alliance and a the news-letter and web editor for the Alliance for Nuclear Responsibility.  She directed the Save Ward Valley Coalition office in Needles, CA, for 4 years, coordinating the successful efforts of the Ft. Mojave and five Colorado River Indian Tribes (CRIT) and other state, regional and national organizations to prevent the proposed Ward Valley low-level nuclear waste dump.  At issue were Native religious freedom considerations, strong scientific evidence of inappropriate technology for containing wastes in a desert environment, and a poor track record by contractor US Ecology at all other facilities.  Molly’s family operated a hazardous materials disposal facility for 30 years, where she was employed for over 20. 

Dale Bolger, Secretary and Board Member

Dale Bolger is a life-long activist for  environmental justice, a father of two and Earth-based spiritualist. Dale has been strongly involved in Ward Valley, the Healing Global Wounds Alliance, and other groups upholding environmental justice and nonviolent resistance to flawed policy.  With his background as a paralegal, builder and automotive mechanic, he offers HOME direct support in many diverse areas.