About This Website

Explore this website for a thorough overview of nuclear and other environmental issues, including alternative practices for better living:

  • All the links in the nuclear chain in one place, as well as the cumulative effects of radiation and other toxic exposures.
  • Accessible radiation, health studies & health information, especially for the rural communities most impacted. 
  • Latest updates at our Blog at www.healingourearth.org/wordpress.
  • Downloadable versions of many documents and teaching tools on the  Downloads page of our Latest News & Blog section.
  • Links to many other organizations and other resources.
  • Ways to take action to change the future of relevant policy.
  • How to recycle everything, and conserve and use renewable energy (like wind and solar) that will not poison the future.
  • Sustainable and affordable ways to build homes and businesses.
  • Working together with new partners, and develop the cultural awareness to do that respectfully.
  • Healing the human fears within each one of us that lead to conflict and an "us/them" world view- and ultimately, to a planet bristling with genocidal weapons.
  • Feeling comfortable discussing nuclear issues, and speaking out and asking questions about health effects with our physicians, our communities, and policy makers.